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Mariya Shiyko, PhD

Joy, not fear, will create monumental shifts, both on individual and communal levels.

I help individuals to restore a healthy relationship with Joy, release trauma, transform limiting beliefs, gain clarity and purpose, evolve fearful patterns, and find the confidence to pursue personal dreams

  • alternative medicine
  • holistic health
  • mind-body connection
  • mediumship & channeling
  • health & positive psychology
  • mindfulness
  • spiritual sciences
  • intuitive arts & play
  • life purpose

I was born and raised in communist Russia. My ancestors underwent a civil war, the two Russian revolutions, two World Wars, changes in the political regime, repression of “frivolous” thinking, spiritual pursuits, and economic hardships. They were a mix of the Jews, Russians, and Ukrainians. Survival, fear of self-expression, a personal sense of sacrifice, material scarcity, and mistrust were ingrained in their culture. I was a part of that culture.

At 21, I immigrated to the US. At 29, while completing my post-doctorate studies, I started meditating. This was when I came to understand how conditioned my mind was to fight-or-flight response and fear. Despite living far from my roots, I observed similarities between cultures – the ingrained habit of fear and survival in workplaces, daily living, and the political and economic systems.

I feel fortunate to be have been gifted with an adventurous spirit & a great desire to learn. Personally, after having gone through a lot of hardships, I started searching. I didn’t trust my mind for answers, having witnessed how conditioned it was. Just as a test, I started remembering and reconnecting with my intuition, even though, at the time, my intuition wasn’t my strongest virtue or asset. I started travelling to different parts of the world, observing, learning. I paid attention to how I felt rather than what I thought. When inspired I learned.

Through series of wonderful encounters, spiritual studies and experiences, I came to know that WE ARE JOY – this is our essence. WE ARE HERE TO ENJOY LIFE. OUR ATTACHMENT TO PAIN IS CONDITIONED. As a result, I adopted a personal rule “FOLLOW YOUR JOY,” gradually letting go of the mental framework of “right and wrong.”

This journey has taken me to wonderful parts of the world, to healing centers, and spiritual masters, who all emphasized the same message, “FOLLOW YOUR JOY.” This has become a healing journey in itself. It has inspired positive changes, including creativity and self-expression, habit modification, clarification of life values and purpose, and flourishing of wonderful relationships.

My path, currently, is to help individuals and businesses to build a healthier relationship with Joy. I came to understand that we don’t need to choose and can enjoy both, material and spiritual goods. In fact, creative, intuitive and spiritual studies add tremendous value to our passion and let us shine both at work and personal lives.

My mission is to build bridges between arts and sciences, heart and mind, left and right brain hemispheres, intuition and logic individual and communal. I love travel, nature, art, music, poetry, writing, singing, theatre, friendships and many other beautiful things.

I work with artists and scientists, educators and business owners, healers and spiritual seekers, stay-at-home moms, those going through transitions – anyone motivated to explore Joyful living.

Looking forward to hearing from you and getting to know YOU.

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