Energy Healing

98% of all atoms in our body cycle out within a year. 7% of our body exchanges out in a single day by tomorrow. In two weeks, our body renews itself. The fact that you are constantly changing has great implications for healing on all levels – physical, emotional and mental.

Many people believe – they cannot change. However, our unique circumstances are such that we are empowered with free will. No matter what our history holds, change and healing are possible. It is supported on all levels. Through awareness and neuroplasticity (the fact that we can build new neural pathways) we can change our thoughts. Through habit formation and self-care, we can support health. By aligning with our talents, we can express ourselves in the world. And by committing to a spiritual practice, we keep the entire system balanced.


I work with sound and color healing, energy channeling and intuitive reading. A healing session is always a collaboration between a healer and a client. It involves free will and participation.


The energy work and healing can be done either on Skype/phone or in person (Medford, MA, USA)

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