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We have learned to tolerate pain, often, from early childhood. It is not surprising, then, that our lives and workplaces are filled with pain. Intuition combined with awareness is a way out. I have developed a unique set of tools called Mindful Play.™ These tools are based on the fact that, as children, we learn through experience and play. For adults, this creates a safe context to awaken and practice joy, develop talent and understand how principles of joyful living apply to life.  Our ability to notice and make conscious choices is the driving ambition behind Mindful Play.™

Many people and organizations are afraid of change. They think their behaviors are signs of failure. Again, that is not true. Those behaviors are symptoms, not the cause. Judgment and doubt are mental habits, nothing more. In my work, I use a combination of tools based on mindfulness, positive psychology, play and art therapy, movement, self-expression techniques, spiritual studies & intuitive channeling to identify causes and inspire change.

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