Mindful Play™

Over the course of 8 weeks, you will learn how to construct building blocks of your new reality and step into it, changed and transformed while leading forward the world of sciences, business, education, arts and politics.

Mindful Play™ is a Quantum Leap For Making A Big Impact

During the 8-week mentoring program you will transform from a passive observer to an active participant in creating your reality. It will activate your quantum potential for an exponential growth in all areas of your life. This empowering process will equip you with tools to make Big Ideas a reality and create impact in sciences, business, arts, education, and politics.

1st Element

Quantum Play

Your transformational journey is not linear in time. Rather, it is vertical in vibrational frequencies. From physics, everything is energy and, therefore, can be transformed. The key to this transformation is to grasp and develop sensitivity to energetic frequencies.

Once you get familiar with it, you will be restructuring your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual DNA yourself. Play and joy is the activity you will use to learn about vibrational frequencies. It’s simple and powerful. It will calibrate your inner senses and develop an intuitive recognition of higher vibrational energies.

  • Gain an experiential understanding of the principle “Everything you need is within you” and begin developing the ability to transform energy.
  • Experience applications of the fundamental laws of physics around energy transformation and apply them in domains of body, emotions, and thoughts.
  • Develop inner sensitivity to energetic vibrational frequencies.
2nd Element


In this module, you will be restructuring your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual DNA, and integrating and transforming patterns of your energetic blueprint. To allow for creativity to flow, you will be using fundamental laws of physics, neuroplasticity, and principles of quantum play to transform any blocks you have (e.g., beliefs, past experiences, conditioning, fight and flight response) into higher energetic vibration.

  • Apply skills learned in the first module to recalibrate domains of your emotions, body, and mind.
  • Learn and play with tools for acquiring qualities necessary for the expansion of creative potential.
  • Restructure and recalibrate your mental, emotional and physical DNA to unlock new domains of creativity.
3rd Element


Back to the drawing board. From the integrated and empowered place, you come back to your idea. It is multi-dimensional and expanded, includes your unique talents, and is exciting and inspiring. Through transformation, you’ve added magic to it. At this stage, it is time to act and link actions to the vibrational frequency of your idea. Create a testing playground, experiment, research, make mistakes, fine tune your intuition, and start developing a sustainable and personalized model of Mindful Play

  • Transform and expand your creative idea by adding elements of play, joy, and inspiration.
  • Develop a broad understanding of your unique talents and elevate the potential of your idea.
  • Begin experiencing and pilot test the Idea physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
4th Element

Mastering Mindful Play™

Master at play is an enlightened and playful way of directing your life and creative projects. A master at play is a being that embodies tools and integrates them into the fabric of his/her own universe. The one that develops skills of awareness, self-directedness, confidence, joy, and creativity. In this final module, you will deepen mastery of using the tools and increase output of your success in scientific, business, art, educational and political projects.


  • Develop independence in using and applying the tools of Mindful Play™
  • Create a sustainable and personalized model of Mindful Play™
  • Feel empowered and enjoy the benefits of your creative journey.

Getting Started With Mindful Play™

We begin with a 30-minute chat to get a feel for each other and get some insight into the 8-week journey ahead. If the possibility excites you, send me an email or fill in the form. We will schedule a suitable time to make contact and Mindfully Play!

Alternative you can contact me via

Email – hello@mariyashiyko.love

Phone – (+1) 718 791 0123