What Clients Are Saying

“"With Mariya, the 'work' of self-exploration had never been so much fun! The experience is grounding but light, far-reaching but intimate, and novel in technique but familiar as the joys of childhood play. Mariya meets me where I am and helps me see how I can allow Joy in more areas of my life. Mariya's creative use of different therapeutic modalities sparks creative elements in me; what a lovely play-mate! "”

Ned KimblePhD candidate & school psychologist (Boston, MA)

“"Somehow Mariya knows exactly where I am holding pain or tension, and coaxes it out of me. Even our remote session over the phone was incredibly powerful - she helped me fight off and avoid the flu! Her gifts go beyond the physical body, though - seeing her is like an emotional therapy session. I always feel more at peace and balanced, and that feeling of joy and mindfulness lasts for weeks afterwards."”

Ilona TippProfessional Musician (Boston, MA)

“I felt an immediate connection with Mariya because of her gentle but powerful energy that she so effectively used throughout the healing session. Our first step was to identify the symptom/issue in my life. I was taken into a meditative/hypnotic state which allowed me to feel relaxed, safe and supported, yet still be present. I could comfortably experience my feelings and remain aware. I felt detached which helped me understand the origin of the problem and how it affects my life. I didn't experience emotional pain or trauma that would usually accompany me thinking about the issue. I found that through this process of acknowledgment and letting go,the influence on me was immediately diminished. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mariya to anyone who is willing to explore the underlining cause of trauma or blockage - something they wish to let go of. I have been an energy healer for 15+ years & found that Mariya's work lifts healing to a whole new level.”

Ken WardLife Coach, Energy Healer (Palmerston New Zealand)

“"Mariya, you are a very special person. Truly, you have helped my mind, body and soul. You're gifted. I came seeking to heal from a bad shoulder injury and I believe it has done so much more and will have a lifelong effect. I'll be back for sure!"”

PatrickRetiree (Boston, MA)

““I called Mariya in a great hurry as I was facing some panic related to the loss of my partner. I was not being able to deal with it and could not figure out what was happening with me, I knew I was creating it all in my mind but could not prevent to do so. I would feel a deep sense of anxiety and lots of pressure on my chest. My desire to live would go away and I did not have any control on it.

Mariya caught immediately my urgency and carved out the space for me right in that moment. She opened her heart to me and called mother earth to hold me while both their love was nourishing all of me. Over the phone she lead me to a deep state of relaxation while guiding me in opening my energy and releasing all old energies that where conflicting me. I was feeling lots of opening and my breath would become deeper and deeper. Every time I saw a release she knew it, even if I was on the other side of town! That was fantastic! I felt my whole body connected and all my chakras opening, leaving me light and balanced. The messages from my higher self where really important and meaningful and lead me through a deeper understanding and acceptance of my current situation. After the session the panic stopped and I felt amazingly joyful, open to challenges of life. I feel so much love around me and most important of all I am totally grounded. I am so grateful to her and her gift!””

Marie ComuzzoProfessional Musician and Healer (Boston, MA)

“"Somehow, in ways that I do not understand, Mariya’s intuition led me to unblock the stubborn protectors that reside in my body and thoughts and emotions, letting the clarity that lies within lead the way. Practically, what happened is that on my way home I suddenly knew my way through difficult aspects of relationships, I knew what to give up and what to pursue. In the session, as we were ending, I saw the image of my own internal fire and carried the meaning of that image forward. In the days that followed, major career moves fell into place that had seemed elusive previously, and the relationship issues improved with no confrontation or controversy because I could see how to navigate. I felt calm and confident."”

Sara Epstein, PhDPsychologist (Boston, MA)

“"During and after my session, I experienced a shift. We worked on issues related to ailments in my feet where I couldn’t feel sensations and old traumas related to sexuality. I felt more grounded and empowered to face the shame that has bottled up. I could finally connect to my body instead of living outside of it for many years. I was coached, gently and in a motherly way, to surrender those feelings of guilt and open towards playfulness and joy. Mariya provided a gift of support during the sessions. It helped me to connect with my own feminine strength, and I was able to let go of the scared little girl inside. Thank you!"”

Amanda HoldNutritionist & writer (Boston, MA)

“"Mariya's combination of gentle guidance and powerful listening effectively and promptly shifted me from a state of fatigue and worry to a state of peace, relaxation, non-judgment, and awareness from where I could experience my moment without distraction and see ahead with more clarity. Our session was by no means a one-way street: the exchange was real and continuous as she's a keen observer of energy levels and can masterfully prime through a self-exploration. Throughout the session, I was uplifted and recharged. And I also had lots of fun in the process. It was rewarding to be able to freely laugh together the way we did. Thanks, Mariya, for sharing your gift with me."”

Esther F. S. Carvalhaes, Ph.D. Education Policy Analyst, OECD (Paris, France)

“"Mariya made me feel welcome, calm, and safe. She guided me through different areas where energy was stuck in my body, including some deeper fears and memories. The themes of "not being good enough" and "there's something wrong with me" kept coming up. We noticed how many different areas of struggle in my life are connected, including family issues, a tendency to procrastinate, and not committing to taking care of myself. There was an immense amount of release and forgiveness. When it was done I felt lighter and expanded. I was able to approach those internal conflicts from a fresh perspective. In the days and weeks that followed, I overcame them in ways I could not have imagined before the session.”

AndrewVideo editor and a master’s student in art therapy (Boston, MA)

“"My session with Mariya was amazing. She helped me open energy in my body where it felt stuck, and begin to release old limiting beliefs around “not being good enough”. She helped me continue to open towards my own sense of voice and inner strength so needed in my business work. Mariya is a gifted healer and a beautiful soul the world is blessed to have. I wish I could have a session with her every day, and I would highly recommend her services to anyone."”

Emily Health consultant and a yoga dance instructor (Boston, MA)

“"I will classify the session not only as a healing session but a heart feeling session ... means when the resonance of the heart is linked to another heart. with no mind, the healing takes place immediately with no boundaries. Mariya connected her heart to mine and her genuine smiley heart healed mine, including some physical symptoms I had [after a separation with a loved one ...] she is a true channel of opening the hearts in order to play, laugh, and enjoy life. thank you."”

NaylaEnergy healer and yoga teacher (Beirut, Lebanon)