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I Offer One-On-One And Group Sessions

I help you move from co-dependent relationship with work (yourself, and others) to inter-dependent relationships
, so that you can enjoy your life and work, feel fulfilled, worthy, well-reimbursed, and on purpose. 

Co-dependent relationships are characterized by:

  • Low self-esteem
  • Not being able to set boundaries, express your needs, opinion, and desires
  • Caring too much about what others think and not being able to live your own life

In interdependent relationships, you can:

  • Be yourself and express your talents
  • Create work in a way that suits your needs, desires, and purpose
  • Build sustainable, mutually beneficial, and respectful relationships and more!

In One-On-One Coaching,
We Work On The Following Issues:

  • Cultivating personal needs and desires
  • Setting Boundaries 
  • Communication
  • Develop Intuition
  • Self-trust & trust
  • Making choices and decisions
  • Express opinion 
  • Self-love and self-care
  • Building a business that capitalizes on personal talents and purpose
  • Accepting Emotions
  • Tapping into Wisdom
  • Spiritual connection
  • Forgiveness
  • Money Blocks
  • Releasing self-judgment
  • Semi-passive income
  • Personalized marketing strategies
  • Ease and more!

For group sessions, send me a message now

The cost of sessions: $350 for a single session;

$300 for a package of two and more.

I accept Venmo, PayPal, and cash/personal checks.

All sessions are done on Zoom (I’ll send you a link prior to our session).

Fill out this questionnaire
and I will get back to you:

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Get my Candy-for-the-Soul writing in your Inbox. Sign Up Now.