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“Your Purpose is to Enjoy Life”

My spiritual teacher told me a few years ago. At the time, I was working between 60-70 hours a week (in academia), sharing an apartment with a roommate, recovering from a divorce, living an ascetic lifestyle, and wondering what’s the point of it all. 

“If you want to contribute in a meaningful way, put your joy first,” 

She told me. “Laugh, play, celebrate life, be grateful, and create things out of joy. Duty, guilt, shame, harsh discipline, and overwork – they’re all a part of old mentality. They serve nobody. If you want to help out, joy is your key.”

This was against anything I’ve ever been taught. Born and raised in communist Russia, addiction to pain and suffering was in my blood. Just think of Russian history in 20th century (wars, revolutions, genocide). After that encounter that changed me forever, my purpose became to undo my conditioning and build a different life for myself.

“You deserve to be happy. Your joy is important. You matter.”

What followed was quite an adventure. I traveled the world – mostly alone. Sometimes with a backpack or a bicycle. I studied alternative healing in New Zealand, Brazil, and the USA. I rested – at times, for months – just lying in a hammock and doing nothing. I swam in oceans, walked, spent time in nature, meditated, and did yoga. Met some incredible people and talked for hours. I slowed down a lot so that I can take life in.

I became passionate about spreading the message of Joy to others. I started offering coaching, healing, transformational work, and group teachings. I am married again to a wonderful man and we have a child together. We're following our dreams in life. 


Thank you for stopping here, supporting my work, & being curious.   


My Education & Work Experience

  • 2016-22 - Masters degree in metaphysics, spiritual studies, and alternative healing from Delphi University (expected)
  • 2018-22 - Business & marketing studies 
  • 2009 - Started my own business, but what I am offering has changed over time
  • 2017-19 - Studied how beliefs create reality, the law of attraction etc.
  • 2013-16 - Energy healing (in New Zealand, Brazil, and the USA)
  • 2015-19 - Voice and Singing
  • 2011-15 - Seven 10-day silent meditation retreats (Vipassana, Goenka)
  • 2009-11 - Meditation studies with Gary Weber (non-dual)
  • 2009-11 - Yoga studies (in the USA, India, Australia) and then - teaching yoga for 7 years 
  • 2013-20 - Improvisational movement and dance
  • 2011-20 - Assistant and associate professor in applied statistics, mindfulness, & behavior change (was awarded tenure, and left academia shortly after, have 40 + publications, grants, and 100+ conference presentations) - Northeastern University, Boston.
  • 2009-11 - Postdoc in statistics and health psychology (Penn State) 
  • 2004-09 - Ph.D. in quantitative psychology from CUNY, New York
  • 1994-95 - Masters degree in pedagogy, history, and law from Smolensk State University in Russia.
  • 1988-95 - Classic piano, a music school in Russia

Get my Candy-for-the-Soul writing in your Inbox. Sign Up Now.