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One-On-One Sessions

Most sessions take place on zoom. For Boston area clients, it is possible to schedule sessions in person. If you have questions, message me at [email protected]  

During our time together, you will receive:

  • Individualized attention, healing, and care
  • Guided messages
  • Alignment with your purpose
  • Ease & joy
  • Overcoming self-sabotage
  • Deeper self-love & self-acceptance
  • Energetic shifts and more

Practical details:

  • Take a look at the package you wish to receive. The number of sessions and length vary.
  • Most sessions take place on zoom
  • Schedule time for rest and self-care when we work together.
  • Get ready for some beautiful magic and transformation
  • With questions, email [email protected] 


Spiritual Coaching

$2500 (6 1-hour sessions)

$4000 (10 sessions)

This is a customized package. You learn about yourself as a Soul on a Journey. You learn how to access your inner guidance, intuitive intelligence, and deeper knowledge and wisdom about your life. From this perspective, you are able to make meaning of life and life experiences, so that you can transcend the illusion of “life is just happening to me” or “I am a victim of life” and align more with being an intentional, playful, and joyful co-creator. We can cover metaphysical laws (e.g., law of attraction, law of responsibility, law of focus etc.), which underly the process of co-creating your life from the place of inner joy and purpose.

Holistic Business & Life Coaching

$2500 (6 sessions. The first session is 1.5 hours. The follow-up sessions are 1 hour)

This is a customized package. You release the judgment you might hold about money, so that you start attracting money. I help you identify and align with your gifts, talents, and life purpose, so that you can choose work and/or build your business in a way that supports your purpose and shares your gifts with others. I help you under the “not-good-enoughness” habit, so that you can build your business in a sustainable, joyful, and balanced way. You can also learn about the importance of rest, intuition, creativity, self-acceptance, and making aligned choices.

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Holistic Relationship Coaching

$3300 (8 sessions. The first session is 1.5 hours. The follow-up sessions are 1 hour) – 1 person

$4000 (if you take it together with a partner)

This is a customized package. You learn about your relationship dynamics: strengths and weaknesses. You learn about Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine qualities and how to embody them in your life. You do deep healing work, which allows you to step out of reactionary patterns (e.g., control, anxiety, micro-management, emotional reactivity, projections, and withdrawal of love). You learn about the law of mirrors and ways in which relationships serve to awaken us to our highest potential. If your relationship doesn’t do that, then you can step out of it and move into a new relationship. You learn to embody and attract Divine relationships into your life. .

Inner Child Healing

$3000 (about 10-12 hours together, with a follow-up, in person only)

This comprehensive and in-depth healing modality will help you heal issues that stem from your childhood. For example, lack of secure attachment, unconditional love, and/or other trauma. Often, deep-rooted subconscious beliefs are formed in childhood (about oneself or the world) & they impact the rest of adult life. They might include self-sabotage, fears, and maladaptive behaviors that prevent one from living their full life aligned with the highest potential, purpose, joy, abundance, and happiness. This work is intuitive (not talking therapy) and involves transformation on emotional, physical, spiritual, subconscious, and conscious mental levels.  

Energy Healing Sessions

$1200 (a package of 3 1-hour sessions)

They are magic. No, it’s not Reiki. I go much deeper. I connect to Higher Power and channel energy of unconditional love and light into you. In the process, you release fear, judgement towards yourself or any kind of situation in your life, reactivity, & come out of the fight-and-flight response. You restore wholeness, alignment, and often – clarity and purpose. You receive a general tune-up of your physical, mental, spiritual energies. Effects can last for days and/or weeks. I often share with you spiritual messages that come during the healing session

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Single Healing/Coaching/Guidance Session

$600 (1 1-hour session)

A session of your choice. Pick my brain (or, rather, soul!). I can channel for you, do healing work, coaching, chat, listen to you, give feedback, be present etc. Let me know what you need. And what would help you feel amazing, inspired, aligned, loved, & on purpose.

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Respectful Parenting Consultation


I am now building free resources on my website that support your journey in being a wonderful parent. When you do your own healing work, it positively influences your relationship with your children. Check out my website. Also, if you wish to do your own healing work, reach out. We can create a customized package for you. It’s brave, courageous, and necessary to break family patterns.


Other services

If you are looking for other services not listed above, please, reach out. For example, I do past life regression, akashic records reading, channeling spiritual messages etc. Thanks for your interest in working with me. And I can’t wait to share with you love & magic.


In One-On-One Coaching/Healing
We Work With Your Energy + Mind + Body + Spirit

I use a unique set of tools that are channeled from Spirit & come with 12+ years of experience. We can cover these issues and more:
  • Connecting to your intuition & inner guidance
  • Healing self-trust, self-worthiness, and self-doubt
  • Normalizing sexuality & sexual energy, from a healthy place
  • Breaking the habits of overwork, overgiving, and overextending yourself. 
  • Releasing judgments around money & earning income from work you love doing and something you're good at
  • Healing self-sabotage: recognizing the patterns
  • Inner child work and healing
  • Forgiveness and enoughness 
  • Creativity, imagination & self-expression (in voice, communication, work, life, and business)
  • Spiritual connection (not religious! Spiritual - don't mistake the two)
  • Healing self-judgment
  • Prioritizing your joy and wellness
  • Business development
  • Ease, trust, creativity, and flow!

I look forward to working with you!

Love from my clients (testimonials):

Jessica Mortell 

Principal at Neighboring Designs

Working with Mariya is a breath of fresh air, getting to the core of an issue in only 45 minutes, and providing supportive, healing, and nourishing tools to work with. I loved listening to my channeled affirmations, and some of them hit so deep. I felt positive shifts in my body, and relationships around money, disappointment, and collaborating with others.

It is clear Mariya has done the work. Your space-holding and voice are soothing, calming, and centering and I always appreciate how you hold a container with nonjudgement, acceptance, and playfulness. Your compassion and joy radiate in everything you do, and I highly recommend working with Mariya if you want to make quantum leaps in your life, work, and relationships

Anonymous (6 sessions: intuitive coaching + healing)

I started working with Mariya as a part of my renewed commitment to spiritual development. Working with her has strengthened my resolve to maintain this commitment and I made real progress toward the person that I aspire to be. For too long, I was off and on about personal growth and ended up repeating the same patterns and mistakes. 

Mariya intuitively sensed past experiences and relationships that inhibited my growth which had even manifested as physical energy blockages in my body. She is so loving and sincere in her work that I felt very comfortable sharing difficult-to-admit truths about myself, for which she was able to guide me to find love for myself. 

The highlight of my time with Mariya, so far, was during an in-person, energetic healing session, when she was helping me reconnect with my inner child. I had a lucid experience of myself as a 5-year-old, from the perspective of that 5-year-old. I was by a lake during the summer with my mother and father, fully present in the moment and experiencing causeless joy. I returned feeling a lightness and carefreeness that made me cry with happiness and wonder why I wasted any time or energy being mad at anyone including myself. I can now re-access that feeling with ease when I am relaxed and centered. 

In summary, if you are serious about doing real work on yourself to improve your life, I highly recommend working with Mariya.

Lindsey Derrick Hunt


Tantra + Meditation Teacher

Dee Schneidman (Inner Child Healing)

Marissa Grammar, a college student, USA

My self-growth is astounding

I will admit that I was skeptical of this process, but the growth I’ve seen in myself is astounding. I feel like a better, healthier human being for knowing and learning from you. Thank you!

Wendy DuBois, an engineer, USA

I shifted my perception & found my place and purpose

We worked on the phone. I experienced a shift inperceptionand knowing my place and purpose. I reached out in a state of confusion and now feel in grace.

There is something special about Mariya—she moves things, and she is so intuitive. She helped me move out of a place of pain. I am very grateful.

Sarila Rana, a mom, USA

I gained clarity & purpose

I have no words for Mariya, she is gifted. I instantly felt connected, relaxed, &comfortable.

During the energy healing session, all the stiffness inside me started to melt. All my life I was aimlessly and tirelessly searching without knowing what I was looking for. She helped me understand the reason for my search and gave clarity about my current state of life, and what I need to do from now on.

I felt so light, as if the baggage I had been carrying so long finally found a place to rest, and I am free.

Yasmin Samhouri, a nurse, USA

I connected to my mental, emotional, & spiritual intelligence

During the class, the interactions and open dialogue not only opened my eyes to the different perspectives and experiences of others, but they also taught me a lot about myself which I was not previously aware of.

There is nothing more fulfilling than being self-aware and compassionate in order to truly get in tune with my emotional, mental, and spiritual intelligence.

Esther Carvalhaes, Ph.D, researcher, France

Can see ahead with more clarity & less worry

Mariya’s combination of gentle guidance and powerful listening effectively and promptly shifted me from a state of fatigue and worry to a state of peace, relaxation, non-judgment, and awareness.

I could experience my moment without distraction and see ahead with more clarity. I was uplifted and recharged. I also had lots of fun. It was rewarding to be able to freely laugh together.

Ilona Tipp, musician, singer, USA

Feelings of joy & mindfulness lasts for weeks

Somehow Mariya knows exactly where I am holding pain or tension and coaxes it out of me. Even our remote session over the phone was incredibly powerful—she helped me fight off and avoid the flu!

Her gifts go beyond the physical body, though. Seeing her is like an emotional therapy session. I always feel more at peace and balanced, and that feeling of joy and mindfulness lasts for weeks afterward.

Alia Lahlou, community organizer, journalist, USA

Living with more inner alignment & joy

I’m simultaneously speechless and overflowing with words about my intuition sessions with Mariya. They were fun, playful, deep, intense, real, healing.

After each session, I felt a sense of clarity and ease, walking away with renewed energy and percolating ideas about what’s possible in my life.

Part therapist, part play friend, part wisdom magician, Mariya was truly wonderful to work with. I recommend her to anyone interested in living with more inner alignment and joy.

Catherine Lamb, psychologist, New Zealand

A magical ripple into every part of my life

My session with Mariya was not only mind-blowing but physically altering. During the guided journey I felt relaxed and safe to share, feel, and express whatever came into my field of awareness.

With Mariya’s help, I addressed mental, physical, social, and spiritual obstacles. I felt extreme love in parts of my body that have been numb for years. I found a sense of freedom and peace. I recommended a slice of Mariya’s magic.

This was not just a session – it rippled into every part of my life. I am full of gratitude for this opportunity.

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If you have any questions send me a note below. I will get back to you within 48 hours:

Thank you.  

Love ❤️