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From Russia to Joy: A Journey of Spiritual Awakening

In her memoir, Mariya Shiyko combines the spiritual with the human, the sacred with the practical, to thread a compassionate narrative of her complex journey. Born and raised in communist Russia, Mariya immigrated to the USA seeking the American dream while facing numerous challenges and unexpected turns of events. This memoir cuts across culture and gender, eloquently exploring topics close to everyone’s heart – relationships, work, sexuality, culture, religion, and more. At times funny, and at times uncomfortable, you leave the pages with a sense of hope and a hunger to find your own joy.

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My Brilliant Money Book: For Joyful and Creative Living

Money and spirituality do not mix. Spirituality is sacred and money is dirty. Is that true?

This playful book uses humor, metaphors, crazy comparisons, healing wisdom, and pictures to help you discover a different perspective on money - one that is based on joy, respect, creativity, and opportunities.

This is not your normal “how to get rich” book. This is a book that will inspire and puzzle you. It will make you think, question the status quo, disagree, laugh, curse, and want to do something with your life.

The authors, Mariya Shiyko, PhD and Lindsey Derrick Hunt, draw upon combined wisdom of 15+ years of spiritual studies, teaching, healing, and shamanic practices -- all applied to life and money.

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The Gifts of Pain 

This book is written by 31 diverse authors who courageously share their painful stories and the tools that helped them turn them into gifts. It is a transformative daily guide for anyone feeling stuck in their pain and seeking hope and healing.

As you commit to reading these stories of how ordinary people rose through extraordinary pain and applying the action steps they offer, you will honor and process your own pain. Each chapter will provide insights and interactive activities for daily introspection, so you can cultivate a deep sense of inner peace and the resilience required to navigate life’s inevitable painful challenges.

Mariya Skiyko features in Chapter 30: “From Suicide to Joyful Leadership”.

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