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Pay Yourself for Joy (TM)

Your joy and happiness matter. 75% to 90% of people are unhappy with their work.

What if you put your joy first - unconditionally to anything else. And then - started creating the life you want - with work and money. 

That's possible. 
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Celebrating Money (TM)

This self-study course has three powerful practices that help you rewire your brain and let go of self-judgment, money judgment, and resistance to receiving money. Three deep meditations are there to open your heart, and release subconscious fear and limiting beliefs. 

This course is ideal for people who want to make money while doing what they love. 

Available as a self-study course now. 

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Dream-Maker Kit -FOUNDATIONS (TM)

The three metaphysical laws are the foundation of your  dreams: 
1. The law of Here and Now (learn the lessons, and let go of your past)
2. The law of Creation (aka Attraction) - learn to work with your inner mind to attract to yourself opportunities and things you deeply desire. 
3. The law of Synchronicity - yes! Help the Universe help you and take inspired and intuitive actions. 

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