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Hi, I'm Mariya

I help you accept yourself, your needs, boundaries, and desires. I help you develop respect for your emotions and intuition. I also help you start making practical and reasonable changes towards what you want. 

The hardest thing is to break out of the cycle of doing what’s expected and, instead, start living your own life – yes, you weren’t born to please your mother or God.

It’s possible. I’ve done it, and my clients have done it too.

Do you know how it feels?

F*cking incredible!

Your mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, financial, sexual health improves, and much more …

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These ’re The Top Reasons Clients Seek My Help

  • I don’t know what I want in life or how to figure it out.

  • I’m unhappy, how do I get to happiness?

  • My mother, brother, sister, uncle … blah-blah-blah want me to do this and I want to do that instead … What do I choose?

  • How do I begin to love myself?



Because you weren’t taught to have choices, desires, or needs. Or your emotions weren’t respected. You didn’t know how to live your life authentically as you, and not as some freaking fictional human. You’re not an average statistic, you are a singular individual. 

Cheers to that!

What My Clients Say

Marissa Grammar

a college student, USA


I will admit that I was skeptical of this process, but the growth I've seen in myself is astounding. I feel like a better, healthier human being for knowing and learing from you.

Tom Calvert

MBA (Boston, MA)


After each session, I felt a sense of relief, confidence and overall peacefulness. Throughout my time with Mariya, I have noticed immense amounts of personal growth. I am more in tune with my higher self and intuition.

Wendy DuBois

an engineer, USA


There is something special about Mariya-She moves things, and she is so intuitive. She helped me move out of place of pain. I am very grateful.

Get To Know Mariya

I was born in
Russia, during the times of communism & moved to the USA at 21
The biggest pain I've experienced
Trying to be someone I'm not
What brings me joy
Pretty much everything these days, I love my life. It took almost a decade to get here
I'm most grateful for
My intuition and love of truth
People who know me would describe me as
Thoughtful, intentional, kind, and super real - cuts through the BS
I am still working on
Getting better with boundaries & having more celebration in life

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