Trust Your Joy,

Everything Is Possible 

I Help You Restore Relationships, Work, Money, & Self-Expression That is Joy-Based

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Hi, I'm Mariya

I help you fall in love with yourself, and your dreams so that you have the courage, wisdom, and tenacity to co-create them - one step at a time. 

I help you see all the creative ways you make yourself small and unimportant (i.e., self-sabotage) so that you can step out into your true magnificent self and live your life from the place of self-love and self-respect. 

I have helped my clients get dream partners, recover from a deep mental illness, start their own business, get higher-paying jobs, write books, create meaningful relationships with their children, move to new cities, and more. 

I do this by teaching you how to put yourself first, trust your intuition and inner guidance, work through your limiting beliefs, tap into the magical support of the Universe, honor your body, heal your inner child wounds, and recalibrate your energy. 

The best gift you can give to anyone is being yourself.  

I am a former tenured university professor turned spiritual guide, intuitive life & business coach/mentor. I am an author of 2 books, 50+ publications, 100+ presentations, and an award-winning educator, with appearances on TV and podcasts. 

Beyond all these titles is a caring heart that has experienced much in life. 

Love, ❤️


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We all have  grown up in a society that prioritized conformity and smallness

  • What if you could relax into your true creative and intuitive Self? And stop giving your power away to anyone else?

  • What if your service to the world merged with your personal happiness so that you no longer sacrifice your mental, physical, and spiritual health for the "common good"?

  • What if self-love became your daily practice, not out of grandiosity, but out of necessity. Because you give to others only what you know yourself. 

  • What if you stopped manipulating & controlling things. And trusted more - you could have better sex, make more money, have amazing relationships, and enjoy your life?


Because the old way doesn't work - it leads to overwork, stress, illness, scarcity mindset, personal complexes, conflicts, punishment, ill parent-child dynamics, lack of creativity, disempowerment, anger, disease, and violence. 

Cheers to the new world!

And new YOU❤️

What My Clients Say

Marissa Grammar

a college student, USA


I will admit that I was skeptical of this process, but the growth I've seen in myself is astounding. I feel like a better, healthier human being for knowing and learning from you.

Tom Calvert

MBA (Boston, MA)


After each session, I felt a sense of relief, confidence and overall peacefulness. Throughout my time with Mariya, I have noticed immense amounts of personal growth. I am more in tune with my higher self and intuition.

Wendy DuBois

an engineer, USA


There is something special about Mariya-She moves things, and she is so intuitive. She helped me move out of my place of pain. I am very grateful.

Get To Know Mariya

I was born in
Russia, during the times of communism & moved to the USA at 21
The biggest joy I've experienced
Getting to know myself & letting go of conditioning
What I am proud of
My family, my work, my health, my writing, my son, the life I have
I am grateful for
Everything I have in my life, include challenges. It's my daily practice
People who know me would describe me as
Thoughtful, intentional, kind, fun, and super real - cuts through the BS
I am working on
Having more sweetness in life, laughter, moments of doing nothing, and creating things I love

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