Doubt Detox

A 3-day Masterclass to polish your BRILLIANCE 😉

You are brilliant, a change-maker, visionary, heart-centered entrepreneur & want something more for this world and yourself. 


While you know deep inside that you have a purpose & a vision, DOUBT & FEAR get in the way. 

This masterclass is for you! 

Mariya Shiyko, PhD, MMetaphysics

You have an idea but struggle to follow through with actions or

You know what you want but there are too many choices or
You doubt yourself & your capacities


You get glimpses of your vision, purpose, and dreams, but don’t know how to get there

You might have tried the courses that teach you the HOW but it doesn’t feel aligned with YOU and so you don’t feel motivated to take action 

You have a dream but sometimes you think “It’s not for me, it’s too much or I am too much” & go back into a box trying to be "normal"

You know what to do but, for whatever reason, aren’t doing it

You feel confused and that keeps you small, safe & disempowered  


 The path forward is to:


1. Connect to your True Self so that you can actually know, feel, and see clearly what you are creating and what your next steps are

2. Regulate your Nervous System so that you can deal with change, move in the direction that might feel uncomfortable, & start embodying the best version of yourself

3. Take Consistent Aligned Actions. Only after taking those aligned actions, does the picture start unraveling, & the next steps are revealed. 


Having FUN 😉😂⃤  🎪 with all of these :) 'cause it's YOUR life! 

The details:

Duration: 60 minutes (each) of empowering insights and transformative practices ✨

Investment: $29 for a 3-part Masterclass series ✨

You will receive access to all three videos upon purchase. 


Doubt Detox masterclass covers:

💰 Day 1

We will focus on helping you connect to your TRUE SELF and CLARITY by releasing

  • Comparing yourself to others
  • Criticizing yourself
  • Fear-based choice-making 
  • Scarcity mindset (time, resources, view on own skills, time) 
  • Disempowerment (seeking answers elsewhere) 

 💰 Day 2

We will focus on helping you EMBRACE YOUR UNIQUE PATH by letting go of

  • Comparing yourself to others
  • Trying to be good (for others vs. aligning with your purpose & trusting that) 
  • Fear of judgment
  • Fear of rejection 
  • Closed heart (from the past events) 

 💰 Day 3

We will focus on stepping into YOUR POWER by tuning into

  • Acceptance of where you’re on the journey + the journey itself
  • Intuitive actions
  • Purpose 
  • Money & Aligned Investment &
  • Releasing guilt & shame

During each day, we will connect to the big picture of things & dive into details so that you can understand the impact, value, and purpose of yourself & work in this work and gain the courage to pursue it! And we will do so with absolute JOY, SELF-COMPASSION, KINDNESS, & DETERMINATION. 

Formal Bio:

Mariya guides purpose-driven entrepreneurs & leaders to shift from their overwhelmed minds to their hearts to create prosperity, impact, love, creativity, and calm. Mariya is an award-winning educator, author, mentor, and entrepreneur. She lives in Boston with her partner & son. 

Informal Note:

I’ve struggled with self-doubt all my life, for many reasons: 

  • Ancestral “gifts”
  • A part of my purpose is to overcome it & step into my leadership power
  • Share with others. 

 7 years ago, my spiritual teacher told me, “Self-doubt is the main thing that holds you back from achieving your dreams.” So I had to work at it to move into what I wanted in life.

I see the same pattern (with compassion!) in many brilliant entrepreneurs, change-makers, new leaders, & heart-centered folks. 

Know, that not only do I see you, but I've been there! This masterclass is my soul's gift to you.