A FREE 3-day Masterclass to tune your energy into action, abundance, and reciprocity in business & life 😉 

you're building a business based on purpose and vision

you know you want to help people through your work

you know that you deliver value


sometimes, there is an imbalance in the energy exchange (money, appreciation, recognition, opportunities) 

you operate from some old conditioning based on lack, scarcity, self-sacrifice, people-pleasing, or not-good-enoughness 

This masterclass will blow those out of the roof! (aka, out of your energetic field) 

Mariya Shiyko, PhD, MMetaphysics

When you're clear on the value of your service, and you are open towards your desires and receive, you feel worthy - 

that's balance + MAGIC! 

Let's create it!   

This unique & powerful masterclass is for you if you are

🔸 mostly comfortable with giving, but not receiving, because somehow you derive value from giving but not receiving. 

🔸 you are ready to expand your business and work and come from a place of inner worth, balance, and joyful service

🔸 you want to do less and quite frankly - you are sick & tired of only doing. You also want to rest, have fun, play, and balance work. 

🔸 you understand that your choices, beliefs, conditioning, and environment impact how you do your work AND you are ready to lead and shift into a heart-centered business. 

🔸 you are somewhat intuitive  

In this 3-day FREE masterclass,

we will



🔸 releasing and transforming the old stories about you, work, & money

🔸 working with your body to move the old conditioning that no longer serves you

🔸 building a new safe inner landscape that helps you shine and own your work and impact

🔸 strengthening your intuition and self-trust

🔸 opening towards receiving abundance, money, clients, business growth, aligned opportunities, and expansion

 + HAVE SOME FUN in the process 😉😂⃤  🎪

The details:


Dates & Time: June 5, 6, & 7, 2024 at noon EST (recorded)✨

Duration: ~ 75 minutes (each) of deep transformations, joy, & shifts ✨

 Location: Online on Zoom - link will be sent to you after registration ✨

Investment: This is a FREE Masterclass series ✨

Replay: If you can't make each session live, all three sessions will be recorded & available for replay for a limited time. Be sure to register below to receive the replay links! ✨


Abundance Frequency

FREE masterclass covers:

💰 Day 1

Day 1 is all about joyful giving.  

When you give from your heart, with no expectation or control, you can activate the energy of abundance. We will cover 

  • Understanding personal needs
  • Setting limits
  • Clarifying value 
  • Worthiness 
  • People pleasing
  • Communication

 💰 Day 2

Day 2 is all about joyful receiving. 

When you enjoy receiving and feel worthy of it, your business and work become sustainable and reciprocal. It starts bringing you joy. We will cover  

  • openness to receiving
  • worthiness
  • receiving money
  • trusting money and yourself
  • taking aligned actions
  • heart-centered receiving 

 💰 Day 3

Day 3 is all about creating a joyful relationship with money. So that you can build a sustainable and profitable business. We will cover 

  • letting go of the old stories of hardships and sacrifice
  • being & accepting yourself 
  • gratitude
  • abundance
  • taking actions
  • welcoming money into your life

Each day will be unique. We will connect to the big picture, dive into details, briefly share, do transformational work, and clarify aligned actions. In the process, we will cultivate self-compassion, authenticity, deep self-love & commitment. 

Formal Bio:

Mariya guides purpose-driven entrepreneurs & leaders to shift from their overwhelmed minds to their hearts to create prosperity, impact, love, creativity, and calm. Mariya is an award-winning educator, author, mentor, and entrepreneur. She lives in Boston with her partner & son. 

Informal Note:

Born and raised in communist Russia, I've always thought of money as a "necessary evil." Until 2019, when I left my tenured university professor position and started my own business. I realized that money brings value, impact, connection, meaning, empowerment, change, and joy.

As a spiritual, sensitive person, I had to learn how to navigate external judgment, old stories, & expectations while building the business of my dreams.  

The journey has been everything - challenging, fun, empowering, and extremely transformative. 

Now, I am happy to share it with you! Can't wait. 



See you soon &

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June 5, 6, & 7 at NOON EST (replays available)