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Hi, my name is Mariya

I am a health psychologist, an artist, and an alternative healer.

I help people to develop a healthy relationship with Joy. We are born joyful, this is our nature. As kids, we are creative, intuitive, playful, and curious. Then, we forget our natural state and start living by "shoulds" and "musts." Being authentically YOU is the biggest gift you can give yourself and the world. Living by external standards doesn't work. It takes a toll on your health, well-being, relationships, work, income, life satisfaction, and environment.

How do I know that? I've been there. I had to learn how to slow down, listen, trust, let go of a sense of control, drop ideas I believed to be true, play, experiment, fail, recover & move forward. I've learned that JOY IS WHO WE ARE & JOY IS WHY WE ARE HERE.

I empower others to live joyful and creative lives.

Here's How I Can Help
  • Coaching
  • Intuition Development
  • Belief Management
  • Creativity Development
  • Mindfulness
  • Energy Work
  • Public Speaking
  • Community Events


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What Client’s Are Saying

“My session with Mariya was not only mind blowing, but physically altering. During the guided journey I felt relaxed and safe to share, feel, and express whatever came into my field of awareness. I thought my issues around anxiety, relationships, and sexuality may come up. But I was blown away. It went deeper than I could have imagined.
I was surprised by what my body had unconsciously held on to and stored. With Mariya’s help I addressed mental, physical, social, and spiritual obstacles. I felt extreme love in parts of my body that had been numb for years. I found a sense of freedom and peace. I recommend a slice of Mariya’s magic. This was not just a session - it rippled into every part of my life. I am full of gratitude for this opportunity. Thank you Mariya”

Catherine LambPsychology Student Healer (Palmerstone New Zealand)

“I felt an immediate connection with Mariya because of her gentle but powerful energy that she so effectively used throughout the healing session. Our first step was to identify the symptom/issue in my life. I was taken into a meditative/hypnotic state which allowed me to feel relaxed, safe and supported, yet still be present. I could comfortably experience my feelings and remain aware. I felt detached which helped me understand the origin of the problem and how it affects my life. I didn't experience emotional pain or trauma that would usually accompany me thinking about the issue. I found that through this process of acknowledgment and letting go,the influence on me was immediately diminished. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mariya to anyone who is willing to explore the underlining cause of trauma or blockage - something they wish to let go of. I have been an energy healer for 15+ years & found that Mariya's work lifts healing to a whole new level.”

Ken WardLife Coach, Energy Healer (Palmerston New Zealand)

“Mariya approaches her work with calm and loving presence. She really invites you to slow down and go deeply inward. In my session with Mariya, I felt like I could flow very effortlessly through her guidance and reach deeper states of intuition where I received powerful imagery that remains with me weeks after. In the session, I felt like Mariya was following me, even though she was helping me to get there. I was able to share my images verbally with her during the session without leaving the intuitive state and she responded to where the process took me. I felt very calm, empowered, and connected with my Higher Self when I left. It is a valuable experience that I intend to participate in again as I journey through the shifting states of my life.”

Tonya WhiteArtist, Expressive Art Therapist (Boston, USA)

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