30 Prompts for Doing Inner Work on Your Own ❤️

healing inner child inner journey inner peace love self-love shadow shadow work May 08, 2023

 Happy Tuesday friend! 

Today, I want to share with you 30 prompts for doing inner work on your own, as I keep finding that integrating some aspects of ourselves that we tend to suppress changes our lives forever for the better. 

I keep seeing this with my clients, over & over. When we bring gentle & loving awareness to the aspect of ourselves that we suppress, it opens energy & a pathway to new possibilities. I've observed the results of it in 3 separate situations this past week. In the context of:

  • a romantic relationship, when fears are released, it's possible to move forward in a healthy partnership. 
  • business. When ideas of "not good-enoughness are released," it's possible to step out of the personal smallness & see the big picture of the business & find the next level of motivation & courage. 
  • decision-making. When one becomes aware of how they handle & suppress emotions, suddenly, a pathway of clarity opens up & the road forward is super clear. Then, actions are almost effortless. 

What this reinforces is our innate power to transform, integrate, & keep moving toward our highest potential. 

Before, I share the prompts, I want to emphasize that any kind of inner work or shadow work must be done with absolute gentleness, self-compassion, and non-judgmental awareness. The goal is not to find "bad traits" but to integrate traits, thoughts, & patterns that we might have formed as a survival response but that no longer serve us & actually prevent us from moving forward in life & achieving our dreams. And, of course, often, they are connected to our past experiences & upbringing. Unconditional love + some humor are the keys to integrating any shadow aspect of ourselves. Otherwise, it's like pulling teeth out without anesthesia. Not pleasant! 

That said, here they are:

1. What do I judge my parents for?

2. Can I find some of those traits in myself, maybe in a softer form?

3. How can I be compassionate with myself towards those traits & find better ways of coping with stressful situations?

4. How do I cope with stress & triggers? What other options are there for me as an alternative coping mechanism?

5. What are my early signs of stress or triggers? Write them down & notice them. 

6. What do I judge the most in others? 

7. How are these traits present in me? Maybe in slightly softer or hidden forms? 

8. Can I be honest with myself about those traits? Can I be compassionate towards myself about those traits? Can I even love those traits unconditionally so that they can evolve? 

9. What am I the most jealous about? What does it tell me about myself, my needs, & my desires? 

10. If I were to be completely honest with myself, what do I need to forgive myself for? Can I forgive myself for it today? 

11. What problems do I repeatedly run into in interpersonal relationships?

12. What problems do I repeatedly run into in work & business?

13. Find similarities in all those situations. Can you take a part of the responsibility for some of them? Personal responsibility is a path to empowerment. What can you change in yourself to change those situations? 

14. How do I handle anger? How do I express or not express anger? 

15. How do I handle disappointment? What do I do with disappointment? 

16. How do I handle my needs & desires? Do I express or suppress them? Do I demand or leave a choice?

17. What am I most afraid of & why? How does it show up in my life? How do I behave when I am scared?

18. Do I give myself enough time for rest & rebalancing of my nervous system? Do I give myself time to reflect & evolve? 

19. What parts of myself do I try to hide from myself or others? What does that part need from you? Can you give that?

20. In what situations do I feel ashamed? 

21. How do my choices align with my values & core spiritual beliefs? Is my life aligned? 

21. In what aspect of my life do I struggle the most? Do I suppress that struggle or do I take time to relax my nervous system around it? Do I take steps forward in that uncomfortable part of my life, even when it's uncomfortable?

22. How comfortable I am with love? 

23. Do I have a daily practice of loving myself & honoring myself?

24. Do I have any feelings of betrayal? Can I learn the lesson & let go? Can I move on? 

25. Can I say, "I am sorry" to certain people or situations? Even if not in someone's face, then silently/energetically?

26. Did I work through my childhood conditioning? How does my upbringing still impact my life? In what areas? Can I evolve out of it? 

27. Am I comfortable with uncomfortable situations, feelings, and experiences? How can I relax more so that I can step into those situations with more presence & willingness to be curious & open? 

28. How do I relate to money? What emotions does it elicit in me? How does it impact my life? Do I have clean energy around money?

29. How do I relate to my body & sexuality? What emotions does it elicit in me? How does it impact my life? Do I have clean energy around sexuality?

30. What limiting beliefs or negative self-talk am I ready to drop & evolve? 

Of course, this is not a complete list, but this is a great starter for getting vulnerable with yourself & moving forward. You can write about it, contemplate, meditate, or share it with a trusted person. 

And, of course, if you need a guide in the process to make things WAY easier for you, much FASTER, less painful, unconditionally loving, and super clear & discerning, reach out. I'd be happy to guide you through the process and see your life transform for the better. It always does! In uncountable amazing ways. 



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