41 Things I did 2022🎅

books fun inspiration intentions new year Dec 28, 2022

Last year, I shared 77 things I did in the past year, and I got lots of nice comments, saying that my list inspired people to review their own year. This year, I couldn't come up with 77 things (I am sure, they are there, it's just my brain is fried a bit by the end of the year), so I am sharing 41 things instead.  

Enjoy and I would love to hear from you about your year as well. Send me an email. Here we go: 

  1. We traveled for 3 months, as a family, along the East Coast - all the way to GA and back to Boston. 
  2. I made some really meaningful connections with people and met new friends
  3. I've helped to organize a community dance, called Heart Hive, which we run once a month, with an amazing team. 
  4. I've developed a new healing modality, called Divine Matrix Healing (TM). It is so powerful - I am mind blown. I'm sure I will be sharing more about it in the new year. 
  5. I've created and run 5 group courses. They are on these topics: the law of attraction, healing money wounds, connecting to the spirit, improving your relationships, and letting go of the past. It was LOTS of creative energy! 
  6. I've discovered this amazing podcast by Aubrey Marcus
  7. I've really enjoyed the book "The Power" by Rhonda Byrne
  8. I've also enjoyed her other book "The Secret"
  9. I saw my family in Greece, for 3 weeks. We were blessed to see each other because it's impossible to go to Russia right now. They met their grandson for the first time. 
  10. I spent plenty of time outdoors, gardening, walking and enjoying nature. 
  11. I worked with some incredible people as my clients who are doing amazing things in this world. I feel very fortunate. 
  12. I cried lots of happy tears. There were many moments when I felt very grateful, happy, and content. 
  13. I experimented with a vegetable garden & it was a disaster, in my opinion. Maybe, the summer was too hot & dry.
  14. We went to the summer dance camp as a family and had a great time. It was wonderful to see old friends. 
  15. I danced a lot - just on a daily basis.  
  16. I read the book "No Bad Kids: Toddler Discipline Without Shame" by Janet Lansbury & really recommend it to any parents of toddlers. It's a lifesaver. And money & time saver, long-term: less therapy in adulthood for the kids.
  17. I committed to posting on social media. I struggled with visibility and posting, but I am finding my way & learning to make it fun and easeful. 
  18. I have done a lot of my own inner work this year, releasing the past hurt and deep wounds. I have come to much acceptance, peace, and understanding of the past. I have also done tons of shadow work - it's helping me so much in my life and business. 
  19. I have worked with several business coaches. Some experiences were meaningful, and some were - ugggh. I guess you learn from all of it - including the "not-so-amazing" experiences. 
  20. My partner Steven and I have strengthened our relationship a lot. We had some lovely dates and honest conversations. We work really well as a team - around the house, childcare, and life in general. I am very grateful to this man. He brings the best out in me.
  21. I've learned to trust myself deeply, surrendering to the flow of life. 
  22. I am healthy - physically and emotionally. 
  23. I have come even more to terms that I am a highly sensitive person. I really enjoyed this book "The Wonderfully Weird Woman's Manual: How to Thrive & Bloom when you're Fiercely Bright, Feel too much, & Have Way too many Passions."
  24. We ate amazing food, thanks to Steven, who is the main cook in the house. 
  25. I enjoyed some good sexy times
  26. I had some good and deep belly laughs - especially with Amari. 
  27. I have grown a lot as a mom this year. Have learned to set boundaries (even though it's still not easy), be even more patient, and enjoy the process. 
  28. I have come to be even more present: here and now and embracing whatever life is bringing, while also consciously co-creating it
  29. I have way fewer questions about life. And enjoy just being. 
  30. There has been a gradual shift in me, with a deep desire to serve others, yet without sacrificing myself. 
  31. I started thinking about my legacy and what I want to leave behind and how I want the world to look. I started thinking about what I wanted to do this upcoming year, which would improve the lives of others. I know it's a bit funny to say, given the nature of my work, but the desire is much more grounded, and the feeling now is that I can actually make a difference. In the past, there used to be a lot of feelings of disempowerment. 
  32.  I wore plenty of beautiful dresses and clothes and feel much more connected to my sensuality and feminine energy. 
  33. I prayed a lot and came even deeper into my heart - there seems to be much peace with life and it's unfolding right now. 
  34. I've had to let go of a lot: VAs, with whom we didn't click; some ideas about myself or my life; and some habits. It's good to let go! 
  35. I loved a lot!
  36. I took a pole dancing class, hoping for a new hobby. I loved it, but then spent an hour vomiting in my car - from vertigo. I never went back
  37. I did pottery and really enjoyed it. I now have a few small hand-made vases and cups. 
  38. I laughed a lot. I remember one particular evening with Steven when I was just making fun of some challenges we were going through. We laughed our bellies off. It was so therapeutic! 
  39. I practiced speaking Greek because we went to Greece. It was rusty but good. 
  40. I forgave a lot. I let go of so much stuff from the past. Because I simply can't let my energy and body carry the past stuff - it's depressing. I did a liver detox too - to help with letting go. 
  41. I considered learning how to be a DJ, but then let go of that idea - maybe, when I retire :)  

That's it for today! 





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