79 Things I Did in 2021

books year in review Dec 07, 2021

Happy Tuesday, friend! And Happy December! 

It's this time of the year when I look back to see what happened. What I did and to get a birds-eye view of the year.  

As I was putting this list, I thought, "Holly-molly, I did a lot!" 

These are the 77 things I did in 2021 (and I probably forgot a few).  

     1.  Recovered physically from giving birth. It's not a small tall. 

  1. Exercised daily, rain or shine - yoga, walking, Pilates, dance, barre, stretching. I also took breaks on some days, but that wasn't too often. 
  2. Created an online business platform - now I can run my business online. 
  3. Read the book "Elevating Child Care" by Janet Lansbury 3 times. And now, re-reading it again. Because it's so good. 
  4. Read the book "The Aware Baby" by Aletha Solterand cried my eyes out. Because there is nothing wrong with crying LOL
  5. Have been the best mom I could possibly be - tending for Amari's needs, emotions, cuddles, playfulness, and more.  
  6. Started my blog and started regular weekly newsletters - WOW!
  7. Clarified for me some boundaries around my parents - especially in terms of taking parenting advice. I know they mean their best, and things change, evolve, and plainly - I want to do parenting MY WAY.  
  8. Attended an online summit on Natural Parenting - and got a few great ideas, especially around play and communication. 
  9. Read the book "Untamed" by Glennon Doyle and f*cking loved it! I want to read it again, it's so good. 
  10. Re-connected with some old friends, whom I haven't seen in years. I missed them so much and they visited us in Boston this year. Woohoo! 
  11. Spend a few days chatting with my close friend, meditating, channeling, and figuring out life. What would I do without her?!
  12. Had several healing sessions and learned some new healing modalities so that I can feel better sooner. 
  13. Designed my own website - with help from an amazing artist in India. 
  14. Released judgment around money and realized that money is a tool. When used with awareness and care, it can be an amazing tool. 
  15. Slept a lot - to catch up on sleepless nights. Who knew that having a baby is a lot about learning to function on way less sleep. 
  16. DROPPED PROCRASTINATION OF ANY SORT! Because with only a few hours available to work, you can't procrastinate. 
  17. Dropped PERFECTIONISM. For the same reason. 
  18. Was very organized around money and had fun being organized. 
  19. Read the book "Chillpreneur" by Denise Duffield-Thomas & implemented a bunch of things to make my life easier.  
  20. Laughed a lot! At Amari and with Amari. At Steven and with Steven. At myself, at life.  
  21. Cried some. Both happy and sad tears. Especially at times when I was very exhausted physically. 
  22. Made love. Yaaaammmm. 
  23. Asked for what I want: flowers, rest, time to myself, nature, ideas, help. 
  24. Read the book "We should all be millionaires" by Rachel Rodgers and learned a few useful tricks. 
  25. Attended monthly women's circle with other 4 beautiful ladies. Felt seen, heard, hugged, and loved. 
  26. Meditated a few times each week. And that was a huge relief.
  27. Sat with a lot of hard emotions - especially right after giving birth. Forgave a lot!
  28. Embraced my sensitivity and started seeing beauty in it. 28. I love my hubby so much!!! I gave him many kisses in 2021. 
  29. Had numerous great conversations with my partner Steven. From money, sex, polyamory, patriarchy, trees, to metaphysics. 
  30. At times, was too hard on myself. 
  31. Apologized for my mistakes a bunch of times.
  32. Had beautiful flowers in our house all year round. 
  33. Read the book "The Montessori baby" by Simone Davies and loved her ideas on creating intentional space. 
  34. Participated in two online communities for entrepreneurs. 
  35. Planted flowers around our house. 
  36. Kept the house beautiful and well-organized. 
  37. Hired a cleaning lady to help with cleaning. 
  38. Had many very good meals, thanks to Steven.  
  39. Created my first online course - it was SOOO much work. And SOOO much fun. 
  40. Launched my first online course! 
  41. Hired two amazing ladies part-time to help me with the technical aspects of my online business. 
  42. Played a match-maker for two amazing people. Now they are in love and I am so happy for them. 
  43. Worked with several long-term clients. 
  44. Did spiritual channeling for clients and a few friends. 
  45. Created goals for every week and followed through. Had accountability buddies. 
  46. Took three online courses on marketing. 
  47. Took an online course on money mindset. 
  48. Decluttered the shit out of our house. 
  49. Received amazing presents, gifts, clothes for Amari - thank you! 
  50. Stayed away as much as I could from social media to keep myself focused.  
  51. Grew some tomatoes, letters, parsley, green onions, peppers, and cucumbers. 
  52. Took a writing class. 
  53. Created an office space where I can function and enjoy it. 
  54. Read the book "It's not your money" by Tosha Silver and am still digesting it. 
  55. Had fun with make-up and dress-up. Laughed at me about it. 
  56. Had a beautiful photoshoot 3 months after giving birth. 
  57. Felt HAPPY many times - with Amari, Steven, myself, friends, and while creating things. 
  58. Enjoyed nature a lot. 
  59. Did nothing many times. Especially on weekends. 
  60. Talked to my spiritual teacher and was reminded that I am always growing and learning something. I am so grateful for her. 
  61. Felt a lot of trust, being supported and guided. 
  62. Got vaccinated. 
  63. Shifted my retirement money to a company that is ethical and transparent. 
  64. Started donating a percentage of money from every sale to remove CO2 from the atmosphere. 
  65. Landed money to women who are building their business in other countries. 
  66. Supported financially an independent writer who writes on parenting and children's rights. 
  67. Donated money to a friend who lost her father due to COVID. 
  68. Donated money to several non-profit organizations. 
  69. Donated clothes to charity. 
  70. Had way more fun in my work and started embodying the concept that "Work can be fun." 
  71. Had many delightful moments - very simple and joyful. For example, cuddling with Amari. 
  72. Wrote letters to my grandma. 
  73. Celebrated my birthday in Arcadia National Park - thanks, Steven! 
  74. Learned to make amazing pancakes with pumpkin. 
  75. Stayed away from politics - intentionally. It was too draining. 
  76. Received help from our amazing nanny - with Amari. It was life-saving. 
  77. Received help from friends around meals right after giving birth. 
  78. Felt very alive! 

In a nutshell, this past year has been everything - challenging, delightful, comic, painful, hopeful, spiritual, and very human. 

I hope that you had an amazing year yourself. 

With love, 


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