Welcome to the Dark Side 🌒

abundance manifestation mindset money spiritual growth Nov 14, 2023

In my experience, no change in life is possible without making peace with the shadow.

Welcome to the dark side!

This past weekend, we had 41 people registered for the Money Alchemy Masterclass. So many insights came about …

One of the central ones was this: when you start your journey of change, you see parts of yourself that resist change.

In the words of participants:

“I see what change is needed but I feel anxious”

“I can sense in what direction I need to go but there is fear of the unknown”

“I can see what is possible but I am scared”

I do not know one person/leader/change-maker/innovator who hasn’t grappled with those feelings.

Fear & anxiety emerge in the face of change, inspiration, and dreams. To go high, you need to also go low. Because you expand in both directions.

The opposite isn’t true. Meaning, you can’t avoid fear either way. You might decide to abandon your dreams, yet feelings of fear & anxiety manifest in some shape or form.

So, it’s better & way more productive to FACE IT! That’s the path of courage.

I deal with fear daily.

  • by having a consistent morning practice
  • by knowing myself & my triggers — to the best of my ability
  • by creating habits & structures in place that support my highest potential.

When you start learning something new — like new things about money, attracting money, opening to receive money, and stepping into your leadership and creative skills, you’ll need to stretch.


It’s a 3-month small group journey of rebuilding and redefining your relationship with yourself and with money. So that you can:

✨ pursue your dreams

✨ learn to be ok with your shadow: transform, transmute, and befriend it

✨ trust yourself

✨ create change

✨ step into being a self-led leader

✨ embody the rules of succes

✨ align with your purpose

✨ get support from me + the community

✨ give & receive

….and more.

Registration is now open for EARLY BIRDERS.

You can find all the information on this new program right here.

I cannot wait to see you there.



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