Are You Comparing Yourself to Others? 👀

comparison confidence limiting beliefs Apr 03, 2024

I have a question for you: 

Do you compare yourself to others? 

You might say "NO", but there are subtle ways you might be comparing things:  

  • your job to other people's job
  • your pay to other's pay
  • your house to someone else's house
  • your paycheck to someone else's paycheck
  • your skin color, height, weight
  • life story
  • dreams 
  • where you are in your journey & compare it to where you are "supposed to be" and maybe "you are late :)
  • the country you are born in
  • etc. etc. etc. 

What does it do? 

It brings you DOWN! It reduces your MAGIC! It dims your MAGNETISM! 

It's not a "bad thing to do" - I am not judging you if you do it (I've been there myself - it's exhausting). But what I am saying is that it keeps you small and out of alignment. Out of intuition, knowing, heart-connection, and creating what you truly desire and want for yourself. 

Not to be better or to achieve some perfection but because it's in your path, in your cards, and in your abilities. 

You will have a drive, passion, power, purpose, direction, and motivation EVEN when you don't compare yourself to others. 

Actually, you'll have more of it. 

It's the old-style schooling when kids were compared with each other to create external motivation - it doesn't work. It dims your light.

Trust that your intrinsic motivation is much stronger and this external comparison isn't needed. 

This is what we've been working on (& much more) in the Doubt Detox masterclass I hosted last week. 

It was magical. Because you are magical. 

When you drop and release something - magic remains. Your true self shines!

That's what we want.  

Shine bright, my friend, it's your birthright!



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