Comfort or Freedom? 🪶

dreams follow your heart growth Jun 04, 2024

How we want to know the HOW: ⁠

  • HOW to build a successful business?⁠
  •  HOW to have a happy life? ⁠
  •  HOW to get to our dreams? ⁠ 


The manual, ⁠

The exact steps... ⁠

I've been angry many times (at God, at people, at myself) for not telling me the exact HOW, because my mind always wants to know. ⁠

My desire to know took shape in earning 3 MAs degrees, a PhD, and many certificates over the years.  ⁠

I wasn't content with "One Step At a Time" answer. ⁠

I needed to know 1000 steps ahead. ⁠


As soon as I would start following the prescribed path, my joy, light, sweetness of life, and miracles would be gone. ⁠

So the choice is between the comfortable HOW - external security of known steps. Which pacifies inner anxiety and fear. Yet, removes joy, love, miracles, and divine connection ⁠

Or ⁠

So much TRUST in the Divine, Yourself & the Path that HOW unfolds when you take the step. And it's even better than expected. ⁠

Tomorrow, we start the GENEROSITY FREQUENCY 3-day free masterclass. It's NOT the formula for the HOW. ⁠

Instead, it's a practice to: ⁠

  •  regulate your nervous system when you get into fear⁠
  •  build awareness around your present moment⁠
  •  release the old stories, so that they don't burden you⁠
  • expand into trust, giving, & receiving &⁠
  • opening to money and abundance⁠

What a journey it has been! Challenging and humbling - to purify any pockets of inner consciousness that still need external proof and approval. ⁠

We begin tomorrow. 
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