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creativity divine matrix healing healing higher self human potential Dec 06, 2022

Happy Tuesday, friend! 

In my world, things are happening fast recently. There has been lots of movement - with creativity flowing through the roof. Please, expect a few newsletters this week and this month 😊

Today, I want to share with you a story ... 📚📚📚 + introduce to you a new powerful healing modality that I have been developing over the last few years. It finally all clicked! 

 A few years back, when I started studying at my metaphysics university, I sat down with my spiritual mentor to talk about work. She said, 

"You must follow your own path. You must create your own things. You are to use your creativity and prosper." 

It was hard for me to hear that, at the time. I always wanted to belong. To be a part of a community, to follow. And following my own path meant that I needed to be a leader. My mentor said, 

"You are a leader. You are to carve your own path."

And it was hard to do that. Very hard. I had to do lots of shadow work on myself to embrace my potential. To let go of fears of being judged, being alone, or taking responsibility. 

Yet, in the process of doing my own inner work, I have developed a very powerful healing modality. I named it Divine Matrix Healing (TM). 

Divine stands for spirit-inspired and heart-centered. Whenever I do inner work, I must let go of the ego and drop very deeply into my spiritual heart. It has to come from the right place. And it has to be of the highest benefit and highest potential of everyone involved. 

Matrix: stands for the multidimensional nature of this modality. Given my statistical background (my Ph.D. in applied statistics in addition to the metaphysics training), I see human energy as a matrix with multiple layers. This modality works with all of them at the same time: conscious, subconscious, physical, biological, spiritual, as well as karmic and generational. Many layers! 

Healing: stands for the transformation that takes place. Releasing deep ancestral patterns: things that might have been there for generations. Self-hatred, scarcity, self-neglect, fears, self-abandonment, unworthiness, playing small, being stuck, etc. All the juicy shadow work that needs to be integrated - for the progress to happen. 

Through doing my own inner work, I've learned that honesty with oneself is the most important condition for progress. You can't hide patterns of being a victim, disempowerment, or not following your purpose from the Universe. It reflects right back at you what you embody. So, you harm yourself, first of all. And others - as a consequence. 

Besides doing my own inner work, I have done Divine Matrix Healing with my clients too: those who are open to doing inner work and those who trust the Divine Process. The results are remarkable.  

I am opening this healing modality to others now. If this resonates, reach out. We will have a conversation to see if it's a good fit. 

And to finish the story about my teacher ... 

I have learned to trust spirit and spiritual messages - especially from people who are well-trained in it. And this is what I have learned. 

In human years, it takes some time to embody your true self, which spirit sees as your potential and your purpose in this lifetime. It also takes discipline, intention, repetition, courage, a sense of humor, and patience to embody the purpose. Because, in a spiritual sense, there is no time and everything is possible NOW. Yet, in a human domain, you need to take baby steps daily to arrive from point A to point B. And that's the journey!

The right tools, such as the Divine Matrix Healing, make the process easier. In retrospect, I am grateful for all the mistakes and dead ends along the path, because they have helped me arrive at the new healing modality. 

Sometimes, others believe in us when we don't believe in ourselves. I remember vividly the words of my mentor, 

"You will succeed. You need to work on some patterns of yours, but you will succeed." 

I trust that is also true for many people that I work with.

With love, 



P.S. Reach out if Divine Matrix Healing (TM) is something you are interested in learning about more. 

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