Do You Play?

creativity flow intuition mindful play play Feb 01, 2022


My closest friends always tell me, "Come play with me." 

PLAY is doing something for the sake of doing it, rather than the result.  Adults need it very much. It creates magic - and, surprisingly, results too! But don't be too attached. 

In my world, PLAY = MAGIC. 

There is a funny story about my husband Steve and me going on dates. When we just met, he used to be "very much in his head, a big planner, logical, serious, etc." 

As you can imagine, it didn't go so well. We tried dating a few times, and it just wasn't working. 

Back in November 2020 - pre-COVID - it was our "last date" together. After a few failed attempts, he finally said, "Let's just have a good time. Let's not try to figure anything out." He grabbed his camera, snacks, and me! He put us in his car and drove to a very scenic place. 

This is when the magic happened. 

It was the fall day, with the leaves changing colors, the temperature cool enough but not cold. Equipped with his camera, Steven took gorgeous pictures - of me and the scenery. 

We had no agenda, chatted, ran, played hide-and-sick, covered some serious topics, and even ended up in a yummy restaurant - fully booked, but serendipitously with a table for the two of us. 

Play brought us together and, still, is often a way of a beautiful connection.

Why I love play is because it doesn't need to be loud, dramatic, or staged. It helps to bring out natural curiosity, intuition, spontaneity, and creativity.

I do have a serious and practical side to myself. But play (and joy) is what spices it up. It often opens up unexpected solutions. 

What makes something a play? 

- letting go of the outcome 


- choosing joy and showing up 100% in each moment. 

That's how you create MAGIC.

Here are some steps for creating more play in your life

1. Schedule time for play: in your work, private life, family, or with friends. 

2. Have a simple idea of what you want to do (or get help from someone who can help you get in a playful mode). 

3. Accept yourself exactly as you are - have love and joy as your intention. 

4. Go with a flow. Stay open and curious. There is no way to f*ck it up. It's impossible. Keep going, messing up, laughing, and exploring. 

BTW, I think it's not only the best way to start a relationship, but also an amazing way to build your business, strengthen team morale, improve health, deep connections, and more. 

With Love, 


P.S. BTW, if you or your business needs a creativity/play boost, reach out. I am happy to help. 

P.P.S. This is one of my favorite pictures that Steven took on that trip (see above). 

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