Does Size Matter? 😉

abundance coaching impact soul transformation Jan 31, 2024

The last few months have been EXPANSIVE for me! Interestingly, I've let go of some old dreams & instead ones. 

I thought this would be of value to you if you contemplate ideas of impact, business growth, & sustainability. 


Just 2-3 months ago, I thought that I needed to reach millions to create change. 

But this is what happened... 

One of my clients is the head of the finances for the mayor's office (not my city, but a different city in this world). I've now worked with her for about 5 months. 

We worked on purpose, inner alignment, mission, work-life balance, self-acceptance & more. 

She makes major financial decisions for the city and allocates the budget to environmental causes (because that's her purpose & calling as we have found it). And the clearer she is on it, the more impact she can create. 

I don't make those financial choices, yet my work with her ripples into the world in a positive & impactful way.
So, is it about reaching millions or reaching one person at a time? And that person making an impact - in their sphere of influence?

I LOVE going deep with my clients. I LOVE emotional intimacy, vulnerability, & transformations. 

A part of me used to think that, unless you impact millions, little change is created. But my clients and what they do in the world made me PAUSE & think otherwise. They make me rethink what impact is & how we can create it.  

The questions I want to leave you today with are

🔶Do you really need a big following to achieve YOUR purpose, financial goals, & impact? 

🔶 What would the ideal work environment look like for you? How many clients do you want, if you had a work-life balance? And really enjoyed what you are doing? 

🔶 What if you let go of the fear of "not making a big enough impact" & actually started small? But started? instead of just thinking of it. 

Maybe then, you would:

💎 Start sharing your ideas & offers with a few people who are ready for it or

💎 Publish your newsletter or

💎 Share your piece of wisdom on social media platforms - not to attract millions but to actually impact the few who follow you and interact with you & want to hear from you - heart to heart. 

💎 Talk to someone about your idea. 

Because small or big, your magic matters. 

Happy right size-ness!!! (I know, it's not a word but still 😊 


❤️ Mariya 

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