From Russia to Joy

awakening books hope inner work joy transformation Feb 01, 2022

Hi there, sweetheart! 

I have a song for you

"When I look into your eyes, I remember why I was born.

When I look into your eyes, I'm lost for words ... 

I see you, I love you, I smile at you." 

This is the song I sang to myself this morning for 15 minutes while walking outside and breathing fresh air. 

Currently, our family (myself, my partner, and our son) is in the city of Wilmington, NC. We have been traveling for the past two months on the East Coast of the USA - exploring, adventuring, and working on the go. 

There are hibiscus bushes that are blooming here, and birds are singing their spring song. Every time, I walk outside of my front door, I see a statue of Buddha (our Airbnb choice is great, with wonderful decorations). My body relaxes, as I step out into the sun - it's 13 degrees Celcius (55 Fahrenheit) and is quite comfortable. 

I feel very grateful for everything I now have in my life. I am grateful for the choices I've made, the discipline, the spiritual practice, and the changes that the inner transformation brings.

It's not always easy but I feel supported and guided often. So, this morning, I went for a walk and meditated and channeled on the go (that's my latest practice - move + meditate/channel). I love being outdoors, feeling my body moving, and connecting to the spirit. 


So, I feel inspired today to recommend to you my memoir, "From Russia to Joy: A Journey of Spiritual Awakening." I published it last year. With everything currently going on in the world, this is a very timely story. 

The process of writing this book was challenging - it took 5 years. I was conditioned to not speak up or not share my opinion. Just as millions of Russians now - I was scared. Because speaking what you think or believe in is punished. 

I am sooo proud of myself for publishing this memoir. It took lots of inner strength, courage, and authenticity. It also took help from other people who thought that this book must be published. They encouraged me. 

Parts of the story are about my family. My dad is Ukrainian. My mom is a Russian Jew.

There are no simple answers in the book. But there are plenty of pointers in the direction of joy, love, fulfillment, and meaning in your life. I hope this book brings you more hope, inspiration, love, and some ideas of what is possible. 

My life now is very different from my life a decade ago. I feel blessed in many ways. But it didn't fall onto my lap. It's intentionally created and co-created every single day - with little baby steps and choices that I make. 


With love, 


P.S. Please, leave a review on Amazon to help others learn about this book. Every review counts! 

P.P.S. Recommend it to a friend. I will donate 10% of all profits from this month's sales to support the people of Ukraine. 

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