I Surrender - For the 457,093rd Time!

fun god play Oct 08, 2021

Your happiness, my friend, is the most important thing in the whole damn world. And to get to your version of happiness, in my opinion, you need the help of God.

Hear me out. This’s NOT a preachy newsletter.  

You need God. Otherwise, it’s too much work. Getting to happiness without God - it’s like trying to have sex without foreplay. It hurts! 😊

The ego thinks of happiness as a permanent destination in the Bahamas, but there’s way more to happiness. It’s made up of unexpected synchronicities, delightful coincidences, discoveries, novelties, playful moments, things not going your way, and then – finally, boom! Something comes together.

How is that for a definition of God?!?! A child-like version of it.

I think that you have a dial in your hands in terms of how much power you leave for yourself and how much you give to God. You can give all away or you can keep it all to yourself.

In my opinion, neither one is fun. Again, a sex analogy: if you’re having sex with a passive person – hmmm – not fun. You’re doing all the work. When you’re 100% in your ego (aka “I’m in control,” “I know everything,” “I have to put all the work”) – not fun.

Or when you let God lead all the time and pretend that you don’t know a damn thing or can’t take action – not fun either. It needs to be Give and Take. It’s a movement – back and forth, just like a breath. In and out.

It’s a play after all. Devine play. Collaboration is needed.

In my version of this play, a human and God take turns. Just like on a playground. Or on a dance floor. One side leads – another follows. Then, you switch. Or you both lead – well, then, it’s a mess … a fun mess 😊 So you laugh! No biggie.

In my life, I’ve been through all kinds of stages in my relationship with God: from being utterly convinced that God doesn’t exist & I'm 100% in control, to being a complete Devotee, thinking that I have 0% control.

I guess my soul (and my human) wanted to experience all of it: passive and active.

Right now, I’m surrendering once again. Or, rather stepping into a more playful relationship with God.

I miss the play, wonder, magic, synchronicities that come with God being present in my life. And, quite frankly, I just don’t want to push so hard. I want to be supported and held periodically. 

Sure, I can be a Type A, in control of every freaking thing. Only kidding myself that I do have control. Or … I can have fun.

I prefer fun. If you feel like this too, join the fun party. I’ll meet you on the dance/life floor.

With love


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