On Love - Happy Women's Day

love meditation peace women Mar 08, 2022

Happy Tuesday, friend!

And Happy International Women's Day. Let's talk about LOVE. 

I've mellowed down recently. My life got pretty comfortable. I literally have my husband cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner for me - no kidding. I've never dreamed about such a life - that I can be fed so well. 

Ok, ok, I have other responsibilities - like breastfeeding, changing diapers, cuddling with my son, meditating, and just being funny. 

Really, my hubby loves me for being funny and for speaking my mind. He also says, "I am very loving." That is true. I AM VERY LOVING. 

I can speak my mind and then forgive. Or I can speak my mind and then come and give 100 kisses. 

I no longer want a lover (at the moment). But I still want to travel the world and change the world for the better. 

I personally think I am a bit crazy - but at least I admit to that. And we all agree that it's fun. 

So, today, on this marvelous, precious, special, memorable, and remarkable Women's Day (btw, I just broke all the rules of copywriting, because you are not supposed to use too many adjectives and superlatives), I want to wish you this: 


P.S. And, if you want to change the world with me - join our magic gathering, this coming Sunday. Meditation for Peace + Ukraine at 6 pm EST (see my previous blog for details).

P.P.S. Mwa, mwa, mwa - many kisses!  

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