money spirituality Oct 12, 2021

Happy Tuesday! 

In my newsletter, the month of October is dedicated to MONEY – woohoo!   

Today I am sharing with you a transcript from my channeling session with my spirit guides. We talk about money.  

Personally, I’ve been moving in the direction of increasing prices, charging fairly, and paying myself generously for the work that goes into maintaining high vibrational energy. I love what I do, and I love feeling amazing. And it comes with a specific lifestyle and intentional choices.

My questions to the guides are in bold. The answers follow.  

Why is the topic of money so anxiety-provoking? (Right after this question, I was given a mantra) 

Repeat after me:  

I surrender all feelings of anxiety around money, 

I let go of controlling how the Universe works, 

There’re many things I don’t understand, and it’s OK, 

I’m always taken care of.  


Being taken care of sometimes comes through money,  

Sometimes - through messages of hope,  

And sometimes - with opportunities to surrender 

To a Larger Plan.  

This is what you’re learning – how to surrender to a Larger Plan. A divine plan for you, specifically. Everyone has their own plan. Remember, that everything is OK.  

Is it necessary to accept money for healing, educational, creative services? 

Not only it is necessary, but it helps to build positive associations around money. Money has gotten a bad reputation, because, in the past, lots of money has been invested in wars, conflicts, and other violent events.  

Healers, therapists, artists need to start accepting more and more money for their work so that people start valuing their work more. Money is a language of love. When people begin to spend more money on art, healing, culture, education, they start valuing those things more as well.  

Do not fear, accept as much as you want.  

What is the future of money? 

It is full of hope. Money will be cleaned of its bad reputation. People will start getting paid for what they love doing. They will no longer be controlled by money. Money will become an expression of love.  

What is the time frame for this?  

I don’t know. Nobody knows. Maybe a few centuries. It all depends on how fast the transformation happens. Do not worry about the pace, just keep moving in the right direction.  

Any advice for artists, healers, educators, and creatives in terms of how to grow their businesses?  

You have a great foundation for dealing with emotions. You’re transmuting emotions from negative to positive. This tool helps you to get out of a reactive state and follow your intuition as you build your business. There’s no one way. Listen to your intuitive guidance.  

In terms of emotions: when you inhale, often you inhale anxiety, anger, sorrow, sadness associated with money. When you exhale, exhale love, blessings, transformation, peace, joy. It is a practice similar to the Buddhist practice of Tonglen.  

Receiving and giving is the same as in-breath and out-breath. Even when someone pays you and they feel that it’s too much, it’s ok. It’s their feelings. Accept anyways. Say “thank you.” And know that you’re transforming money energy from something that’s not valuable into something that’s very valuable.  

You know how to deal with people’s judgments. Same thing. Breath in and breath out. Breath in judgment, breath out love.  

It’s not easy sometimes. By no means I‘m implying that it’s easy. But would you want this reincarnation to be easy? You’re not the type of person who is inspired by ease. You like challenges. This is your challenge right now.  

Many blessings to you and to readers who follow you.  

This is the start of the series of conversations on money that will take place this October.  

I wish you prosperity and abundance. And, to get paid for things you love doing.  

With love,  


P.S. An important announcement. Be on the lookout. I’m creating an online course on money. I hope to release it in November.  

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