One is Enough

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I was balling last week, as Amari had his first day at pre-school. Don't ask me why. I do need a break, but I was still crying my eyes out seeing him going to that pre-school.

Client Testimonial:

On a professional note, I am sharing with you a quote/testimonial from my clients below:

It touched my heart so much because we share a similar background, and this person is making HUGE strides in changing the story her family is living. 

This person is bringing into her family

  • emotional intelligence
  • awareness of needs and desires
  • peaceful change-making
  • understanding that the past doesn't have to define us
  • skillful communication
  • non-violent approach to decision-making and bringing people together  

It takes one person:

I am super inspired. And yes, ONE PERSON can make a HUGE difference. It only takes one person and others can also engage !!! 

It's not easy at times, but so worthwhile. When I was on my journey, I've learned that one person can impact 5 to 7 generations that follow. So don't underestimate the power of ONE. 

You can do it too. 

With Love,    




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