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adventure family travel traveling Apr 12, 2022

Happy Tuesday, friend!

We just got back from our 3-month travel-work adventure. I still can't believe how we were able to pull it together, with a baby! 

Mid-January we left Boston and headed to Virginia Beach. Leaving the snowstorm behind - AND we had two of them while staying in Virginia ๐Ÿ˜Šโ„๏ธ

Then, we traveled down to North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and back home. It was an epic trip all in all. 

Almost everywhere we went, we manifested a cat (or more than just one!). Which was an amazing experience for everyone. Amari got a chance to learn that you can't just do anything you want to a cat ๐ŸˆAnd, at times, when we didn't have a nanny, having a cat was a lovely distraction. 

There were so many highlights during our travels. I might dedicate another issue or two to this trip. But here are just a few: 

  • We reconnected with some old friends and got to spend lovely and in-depth time together. Which was absolutely precious. 
  • We made some new friends, especially with a baby - it was easier to arrange playdates, and I felt a bit like in my own childhood: when you could just go out into someone's backyard and play, announced. So grateful for that!
  • We enjoyed Charleston, SC quite a bit. It was an unexpected discovery and seems that it's a yet-to-be-discovered jewel for people to move to. Already, many from the East and West Coasts are finding home here. 
  • We went to my metaphysics university. Which is always a gift! There, we took a week off completely from work and just allowed time to relax, connect to Spirit, and let go of many fears (likely, will share more on this later). 

All in all, Amari is doing great. He is back home and can't get enough of his old toys, books, and the playroom. Time away puts things in perspective even for the babies. 

Steven is delighted that we could make such a trip. In his own words, "I didn't think it was possible, but we did it!!!"

And for me, travel has always been a way to expand my consciousness, get uncomfortable (and grow in the process), and get out of my own way - because while traveling you gotta problem-solve on a fly - especially with a baby! Plus - FUN, of course!

We make a great travel team together! And for now, I am happy to be back, have my working space (aka, room) to myself, and not worry about the logistics. Whew - being home is good โค๏ธ

Curious, are YOU planning any adventures? Do YOU find travel enjoyable? What are YOUR favorite places to go to? 



P.S. Send me an email and let me know - would love to hear from you๐Ÿ˜Š

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