Podcast Interviews are out! 🎤

awakening higher self podcast May 02, 2024

I want to share 2 new podcast episodes:

1. Midnight on Earth

I had a fun time with Jake Weaver, who is a great, enthusiastic and generous host. If you want to hear more of an esoteric conversation, this one is for you! We talked about all things spiritual, some politics and spirituality in Russia, and my journey into spirituality and ways it can improve our lives (episode #193). 

Take a listen to the Midnight on Earth Podcast here. 

We had all of these huge crystals in the interview! 



2. The Evolution of Parenting podcast

This was an interesting conversation about curiosity and creativity in parenting, and how our educational systems stifle both. Yarona Boster and I had an in-depth discussion about the change that needs to happen in education and parenting, to help our children be happy and resilient. 

Take a listen to The Evolution of Parenting Podcast here. 


Until next time! 




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