Pura Vida 🏖️

business doubt entrepreneur nervous system release Mar 20, 2024

Today, I am writing to you from Costa Rica 🏖️

We decided to shorten Boston's winter and spend the last part of February & March here - for sanity + Vitamine D purposes 🏝️🍹⛱️🌞 🌊 

I've been going through major up levels in my business: working through any subtle & nuanced ways I hold myself back - those tiny pesky thoughts, energies, or habits I have when no one is watching - in the privacy of my own company. 

The Universe mirrors back to you whatever subtle fears, insecurities & doubts you hold. Because it responds to your ENERGY! (And not your desires or wishes only). 

So, along with Costa Rica, I've been on a major DETOX from those subtle energetic misalignments. 

And, so I invite YOU to join me in the DOUBT DETOX event I am running next week. 

DOUBT is a pesky little thing that I have been working through my entire life. 

It got me to my previous level of comfort, success, & love in life. 

But to expand, you gotta move further. 

I've had the pleasure of speaking to many soulful entrepreneurs & leaders in the last 3 months and DOUBT is often in the way of many. 

So, I created this 3-day FREE event to help you move past it & into your BRILLIANCE. 

Because many of my clients are



🔸heart-centered in many ways 

🔸want to do business & life in a new & sustainable  

🔸leaders for themselves, their families, & others

And there are often small, yet persistent ways they hold themselves back

DOUBT is one of those ways. 

DOUBT DETOX is starting next Tuesday, March 26th at noon EST, followed by March 27th and March 28th. 

It will be recorded and shared if you can't join LIVE. 

There is so much juiciness I want to take you into during this event - registration is open here

Pura Vida!

(because you can make a different/create impact + have a cake 🎂 or a coconut 🥥too) 



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