Releasing the Overwork

business owner inner peace self-love May 14, 2024

Last month, was a big expansion in my business - which I am so happy about! And celebrating!!!


It brought up some old patterns related to work that were ready to be released. 


When I got my tenure at the University in 2017, the next year I had a sabbatical. 

Guess, what I did the first few months of the sabbatical? 


Laid in a hammock. Yes, several months!!! Because I was so burned out. I simply laid there and did nothing. 

I couldn't read, turn on a computer, think, or do - I had zero motivation or inspiration, constant headaches, my eyes were hurting and I was concerned about losing my vision. 

Then, you can wonder why depression is on the rise in Western countries?! 

After a few months ... I recovered and started feeling the desire again. The natural desire for life.  

It was not a sense of duty or meeting expectations of others, shoulds, and musts. Instead, it was my Soul. I am naturally a curious person who wants to contribute (and so is everyone!) 

Last week, I had a mini burn-out. Only this time, it was self-imposed. This pattern needed to come up so that I could release it.

With the business expansion, I dropped into the thought that I had to perform, meet other people's expectations, please, and over-deliver. 

A little bit of the old patterns crept in: 

  • people pleasing
  • caring what others think
  • not good enoughness
  • shame & guilt 


So that I can become aware and release them! You can have a successful business without any of the above! 

For that very reason, I strongly advocate that building your business is an inside-out job. Meaning, you have to change inside so that the business you build brings you joy and is sustainable. This way, it will also bring joy to others. Because if you are suffering, it's not joy for customers either. 

Simply changing a job, without creating inner change, makes little difference. 

It's the same as changing romantic partners. You can keep dating all you want, but unless you change, the relationship will always reflect how YOU are inside. 

This is what I did last week: 

  • laid in a hammock
  •  did nothing
  • was gentle with myself. Zero judgment about the pattern - only compassion.  
  •  slept all-day
  • did NOT create any stories in my head around, "If I take several days off, then my business will collapse." Instead, I thought to myself, "I need to take care of myself first, and my business will expand and flourish. My mental & physical health are the priorities."  


When I chose my mental focus, I could fully rest, and not think about anything.  

I was waiting for the spark to come back. Because it always does. The spark is there by nature. 

This week, I am taking it easy as well. That's what I love about having a business - being able to create your own schedule.

There are so many ideas to pursue. 

So many things to do,


it's ok to rest. 

The body will tell you when you push, force, and act out of alignment. Simply doing creates zero results.

 Lesson re-learned!!! 


Here are some reminders for you to get back into your alignment: 

  •  Am I doing things out of duty? Because I have to? 
  •  Am I listening to my body and its needs? What is it asking me? 
  •  Am I acting out of people pleasing, not good-enoughness, shame, guilt, or out of love? self-love? 

Take a moment (or even a few days or weeks) to re-set. Your spark will naturally come back and you will know what to do and when to do it. 




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