Stay in Love ❤️

healing heart love self-love transformation Jul 26, 2022

 Happy Tuesday ❤️

It's really fascinating, most of the work I do with people (no matter what kind of issues they come to me with) is about staying in love.❤️

It is easy to close our hearts. There are so many problems in the world. And we have been hurt numerous times.  

And my work (personal & professional) is about staying in love. 

With yourself, first of all. LOVE YOURSELF. That's the only way to heal anything in your life - work, money, health, relationships, sex, creativity, etc. 

And by yourself, I also mean connecting to your spiritual self. The larger part of you that's wise, peaceful, in love, creative, joyful, resourceful, and hopeful. 

When you close your heart, you don't get safe & your life doesn't get easier, because you are disconnecting yourself from yourself first of all. 

When that happens, life loses magic and goodness. That's where all illnesses happen (in relationships, mental, physical, work, etc.)

Imagine if: 

- at work, instead of talking from your mind (which is pure ego, pain, conditioning, fear, and hurt), everyone took a minute to center themselves, connect to their hearts, and speak honestly? 

- in parenting, it wasn't about reacting to a child, forcing your way, disciplining, and punishing, but a parent took time to practice self-love and self-care; he/she/they responded and attended to a child instead? 

- in relationships, instead of running patterns of hurt, finger-pointing, or being a victim, two parties practiced taking personal responsibility and stayed connected to the heart? 

I know that people want huge miracles of large calibers - like Jesus Christ type of miracles.  I've seen them. But they still put the power outside of YOU. They expect someone else to perform a miracle in your life. 

What if YOU were capable of creating miracles in your life by healing your heart & keeping it open - as much as you can? 

With love 



P.S. A couple of things are happening this month:

1. I have some spots open for AKASHIC RECORDS FOR YOUR BUSINESS. It's a unique opportunity to sample my work, with an introductory offer. See below. 

2. I am thinking of starting a mastermind for money and business in the fall. Let me know if you are interested. I'll keep you in the loop. Simply reply to this email.  

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