Stop Apologizing for Your Spirituality

be yourself self-acceptance self-love spirituality Feb 08, 2022

Happy Tuesday, friend!

Stop apologizing for your spirituality! YES. 

I see this over and over: people who have been on a spiritual journey feel bad about it (and I've been there myself, so I can completely understand). 

You are different. You've probably had to integrate lots of stuff or trauma from your past. Because a spiritual journey is not always a walk in the part - It can be hard. And what makes it harder is that you often walk it alone.

Because even with coaches, guides, healers, and teachers - it is YOU who is going through the experience.

And, given that unraveling of spiritual gifts and understanding that you are a soul on a journey is not the mainstream culture yet, it can feel even lonelier - Amongst your friends and family. 

I've seen this from myself (and my clients): 

- you hide who you are, accept people as they are, but do not accept yourself as you are. 

- you are gentle towards others, but not gentle towards yourself

- you think that the spiritual awakening is a major mistake. And therefore, you are a mistake. You are NOT!

- you do not trust yourself or your intuition (which is sky-rocket high due to spiritual awakening). Intuition often takes you away from what is "normal" or rather "the majority." So you doubt it because you want to be "the same." Even if the same means unhappy and miserable. 

Spiritual awakening is NOT a mistake. 

It's an opportunity, a gift, a journey, a continuous unraveling of your potential, a huge shift in your life and lifestyle, a deeper understanding of the meaning of life, gained wisdom, forgiveness, a closer alignment with your purpose, and impact. 

Own your spirituality. 

Owning doesn't mean that your life will always be easy. It's not. But it's a better life. 

- less drama

- fewer conflicts

- more meaning

- more purpose

You do not need to apologize to people who haven't been through your experience. And they do not often need to understand you. That's OK. 

But here is a very important thing: make use of the amazing gifts, talents, and intuitive knowing that you gain through this experience. 

Yes, you are still a human being. You still need to pay your bills, eat, go to the bathroom, breathe, etc. 

But, there are some things you can skip. Use your intuition to create shortcuts in your life. Because your purpose is to help others. But you need to help yourself first. 

With love, 


P.S. It dawned on me recently that owning spirituality is a continuous skill - especially in a world that is still largely rooted in fear. 

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