Summer Reads

book review books reading list spirituality Aug 23, 2022

Happy Tuesday, friend! 

Have you read the book "Conversations with God", written by Neale Donald Walsch? 

From my summer reads, this year, this is my top choice. And if not for the summer, then it might be your winter read.

I would put it in the category of the "modern Bible." It talks about God, but not from the place of dogma, but rather in a very human, real, authentic, and practical way. It covers everything: 

- sex

- money

- God, of course

- meaning and purpose of life

- pleasure and enjoyment

- Hell and Heaven 

- politics

- the mindset 

- the law of attraction and manifestation, and more ... 

Here is a quote for you from this book, 

"Happiness is a state of mind. And like all states of mind, it reproduces itself in physical form. 

There's a statement for your refrigerator magnet: 

"All states of mind reproduce themselves." 

Act as if you are, and you will draw it to you. 

When you act as if you are, you become." 



This book is full of humor, honesty, wisdom, humanness, direct questions and answers, - definitely, a book that will either trigger or make you fall in love with it. And, it's been translated into my languages - which is a huge bonus.




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