The #1 Request I Receive

awakening awareness confidence healing relationship self-love Oct 24, 2023

In a world where most are guarded, are you ready & willing to open your heart to love?

The #1 request I get from my clients is:

  • I want to be loved deeply &
  • I want to love deeply.

It is so simple & yet — complex. I’ve been there myself.

“I hate women” or “I hate men” is a common belief (it’s a LIMITING BELIEF btw! And you better transform it because you can’t be in a healthy romantic relationship while holding onto this belief!).

With women, we work on:

  • Opening hearts to love
  • Being gentle
  • Healing past wounds (usually, a lack of secure attachment in childhood, being punished or ignored for being vulnerable, ignoring personal needs & releasing self-protection mechanisms)
  • Opening to vulnerability & receiving love and being seen
  • Self-love, self-confidence
  • Releasing pain & fear from the body

With men, we work on:

  • Communication
  • Opening the heart to love
  • Being open to emotions & not taking things personally, expressing emotions
  • Integrating shadows such as anger & violence
  • Integrating shame and not being good enough.
  • Working with being masculine & embracing masculine qualities of heart-centered leadership.
  • Embracing self-development as a romantic path

Unlike therapy, which can take years, my work goes to the root of things in our very first session. We dive deep into the core of where healing can take place.

It is extremely rewarding to see transformations take place in clients’ lives, and to witness the evolution of their relationships with themselves and their loved ones (from romance to parenting to friendships).

If you are ready to embark on this amazing journey yourself, schedule a free conversation today.

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