The World Dance

change community dance growth self expression Aug 09, 2022

 Happy Tuesday, friend! ❤️


I just spent a week dancing. Literally - waking up in the morning in a tent, the birds chirping close by, surrounded by trees and nature in Western MA. No phone, no social media for almost a week. 

There was a glorious community of people: close to 300, who share a love for arts, music, self-expression, movement, authenticity, and human connection. 

It was bliss. I don't remember the last time I had so much fun on a large scale. Especially with the pandemic going on and lack of in-person human connection. I haven't even realized how much the pandemic affected me. I have a busy life, but only by seeing and experiencing something so precious, I knew that I missed it tremendously! 

I spend the first day crying. I would step into the dance floor and tears would start rolling down my face. I couldn't explain it. It was pure emotion. Joy, happiness, sadness, grief - all of it. 

Until it got out of my system. And I was able to land fully into the dance and into the community. 

There were people dancing from all kinds of backgrounds and belief systems: black, white, Chinese, and Arabic. From babies, a few months old, to elders - 75 years old. Able and disabled. Amazing and incredible dancers and beginners. Straight, gay, and transgender. Millionaires and those who don't make much money - everyone on that same dance floor. In the same forest. Eating the same food (btw, good, vegetarian food!). Breathing the same air. No alcohol, no drugs, no violence.

It was ecstatic - no other words for it. Heart-centered. Blissful.  

And I was thinking to myself, "Wow, this is possible on this scale. A few hundred people. We don't agree on everything, but we can still live together, in the same community." 

And I was thinking about the war in Ukraine right now, and how we all have a choice: to interact with each other one way or another. It's all a personal choice. And a reflection of one's consciousness. 

I was dreaming that one day, the whole world would dance. All countries, nationalities, languages, cultures, belief systems - we would just all dance together. Maybe cry even, and definitely have fun and play and rejoice. 

I think it's possible - one day ... Until then, it's one baby step at a time ... 

I want to leave you today with the lyrics of this one song. It was played by DJ Omar (I am paraphrasing). 

"The world didn't give you love. 

And the world can't take it away.

Your parents didn't give you love. 

And they can't take it away. 

People didn't give you love. 

And people can't take it away. 

You are born of love. 

You are love."

Have a blessed day, 



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