When You Open Your Eyes: 3 Things to Do in the Morning

3 things to do in the morning meditate morning routine move write May 03, 2022

Good morning, friend!

What do you do - the first thing after you open your eyes? Check your phone? Play with your cat (if you have one)? Or something else? 

Do you have a morning routine? 

By that, I mean: not just rushing to work, or getting your kids out of the doors, but taking a moment to pause, connect with your Higher Self, and make a plan for the day and/or week, so that you can go at it intentionally. 

Morning is magic. It's a choice between autopilot and intention. I've been on the intentional path of living for a decade now, AND I still need some intentional time every single morning. Otherwise, I fall asleep - metaphorically speaking. Do you know how you can have your eyes open, and actually sleepwalk through life?

Here are some suggestions on how you can add intention to your morning - and it doesn't need to be long. 

1. Move. Get into your body and move. You don't need to run a 10K or stand on your head for shirshasana (a headstand 😊). You can walk, stretch, do gentle yoga, be outside in nature, and do something super simple. 

2. Meditate. If you do not have a meditation practice, start one. If you have one, do it. Again, it doesn't need to be a huge thing, but - it does need to be a practice that helps you connect to your Higher Self and gets you out of doubt, fear, judgment etc. So that you can act from the place of your highest potential DAILY! 

3. Write. Or speak out loud to yourself. It's so useful to make a plan for the day and/or week. Create rather than react. Ask questions in meditation about your life so that you know what to do, what choices to make, and what actions to take. 

Life is a journey, for sure! 

And every step we take can bring us closer to things that matter, things that are important, and things that are aligned with our Highest Purpose. Start each morning. 

Wishing you a glorious week  




P.S. I am thinking of offering a meditation training course. If you have any questions about meditation and/or things you'd like to see in that course, send me an email to [email protected], and share. Would love to hear from you.

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