Why Doing, Doing, Doing Isn't Working?

business owner energy inner peace May 31, 2024

Do you know what I do when I feel overwhelmed?! And when I feel that I have too many things on my "to-do" list? 

I slow down ... 

This is what I have learned over the years, that to speed up, you actually need to slow down. 

When our mind starts thinking: 

• I don't have enough time

• I don't have enough resources 

• I am too overwhelmed & stressed right now

It's a sign that we are in a fear-based response, and, likely, we react rather than create. And when we react, we keep creating the "same old reality" - not enoughness. 

That's not to say that you just sit and meditate all day and take no action - it's a balance of noticing the energy (thoughts, beliefs, projections) behind doing + doing.

Sometimes we overdo when we feel: 

• not good enough or 

• needing to prove ourselves and get external validation and approval

Or, we underdo when we feel: 

• unworthy of sharing our gifts & talents

• unconvinced that actions will provide any results. 

The interesting thing is that little can be told about something working or not working UNLESS we examine the beliefs, energy, and feelings behind the actions. 

Is it FEAR or LOVE? 

And that's where you got to be honest with yourself.

You can lie to a neighbor or your mom, but you can't lie to the Universe. It reflects back to you with complete honesty and compassionate transparency. 

Next week, we are shifting our energetics + beliefs around giving, receiving & money. So that the actions you take are effective. 

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