Why Self-Love is the Foundation of Your Dreams

self-love Sep 25, 2021

You and I, we’re all dreamers. We've all dreamt of an amazing life we’ll once have. That’s how children are. They’re born to dream.

Think of yourself when you were a kid, what did you dream about?  

  •       That maybe you’ll fall in love one day? or 
  •       Go travel to some beautiful place? Or 
  •       Have a family? or 
  •       Could wear a dress you love? Or 
  •       Do something for the world?   

Dreams bring meaning, hope, motivation, inspiration, and fire – yes, that internal fire to wake up in the morning and live. And keep going.  

Then, you grow up. Maybe you do fall in love, but it’s not returned, or things do not work out the way you dreamed. Maybe you do travel to a new country but you see poverty and struggle. Or you do something for the world, but it feels lonely. 

This’s a pivotal point, where some of us turn to 

  •       Bitterness and hopelessness. We forget the joy of waking up in the morning, and may even decide that life isn’t worth living, or that the world is broken, or that something is broken inside of us.  

Even if you’ve been there (I certainly have), do not stay there for a long time.  

  •       Re-discovering your inner kid, amidst the broken pieces. And helping that kid dream again.  

What helps you keep going towards your dreams is self-love. It’s something you’re born with. It’s given to everyone. No one is spared. And, no matter how hard your childhood or life has been, that inner light is still there somewhere. You just need to decide to shine it.  

I’ve never met a person in my life without struggles. One of my spiritual teachers, in fact (I hope she’s OK with me sharing this) has had many illnesses in her life. She was born sick, had multiple surgeries as a child, and recently had a serious illness.  Yet, somehow, when I see her, I feel uplifted.

She still reminds me of a kid in a candy store. When she talks about the world around, or possibilities, or transformation, I feel that my life matters, and it’s sooo damn important! 

This is the feeling that I want to share with you today. Your life matters. You’re super important. Keep dreaming. And keep loving yourself.

With love,  


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