Working with Spiritually-Oriented People

coaching healing spiritual transformation May 10, 2022

Hi friend, 

Happy Tuesday! 

I have a brief - yet important announcement. I decided that, from now on, I'll be specializing in working primarily with people who are on a spiritual path (consciously). Either those who are on it for a while or those who want to get on it. 

I understand the needs and challenges of these people the most. I have tons of training, experience, and a personal journey. I also have the most fun working with such people. 

I want to help them be happy in life, make money, create businesses, achieve dreams, have incredible relationships, reach their full potential, and more. 

I also can take them deeper - into knowing themselves and creating magic in life - with all the wonderful tools of energetics, metaphysics, inner transformation, and more. 

I realized that I've been spreading myself a bit too thin and I want to focus on what brings ME joy. So that I can also be of the highest service to others. 

If you are not fitting into this category, I am sorry. I still love you, but I might not be your best "go-to" person. Feel free to unsubscribe and unfollow. No bad feelings. Only love. 

If you do belong to this category, stay - can't wait to dive in deeper, and create even more magic together. 

With love, 


P.S. I'll make brief changes to my website + social media this week (hopefully) to reflect this

P.P.S. I want to start a Facebook group dedicated to this community of people. Searching for name ideas. Let me know if you have anything? Would love suggestions. 

P.P.P.S. If you know someone who is a good fit, invite them to subscribe to my newsletter. 

Chao (a happy dance 💃😊)


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