You Can Have What You Want

create dreams manifestation metaphysics purpose Mar 15, 2022

Happy Tuesday, friend!

The reason many people devote time and energy to doing the inner work is that it helps them have a better life. I am sure you have heard of the word MANIFESTING?

Manifesting is magic (yes and no!). Both logic + magic.

It taps into the abundance of the Universe and brings to you what you desire - as if by magic. And it also helps you evolve - spiritually and humanly. Because sometimes what you think you want is not necessarily what you really want. LOL :) 

For example, if you want a loving relationship - you will first have to learn how to love yourself so that you do not approach a relationship from the place of need, hurt, and drama. In the process of doing the inner work, you heal yourself and you do get a loving relationship (as a bonus). 

What's on the outside reflects what's on the inside. 

Many people want similar things: feeling good inside, being healthy, having amazing relationships (family, romantic, and friendships), having a material abundance, creative expression, meaning, purpose, some enjoyment. 

I find that the path of inner transformation gives you all of the above. 

A sense of empowerment - because you continuously evolve and grow. A sense of choice in your life, because you can be selective about your life experiences. A sense of fulfillment and purpose. And practical, day-to-day perks that make your life more enjoyable. Furthermore, you begin to impact others in a positive way - because you create, rather than react. You live from the place of love, not fear. 

I am putting together a first course on metaphysics - the science and art of inner transformation. The foundations. 

Stay tuned for more information - coming out soon. Really excited to share with you what I have been learning over the last decade. What has completed changed my life for the better. 



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