You Gotta Be Whole to Receive 🌍

client entrepreneur higher self inner work receive worth Mar 13, 2024

Today, I want to share a brief story of meeting my husband. 

It was 4.5 years ago ... 

I am fortunate to have had attention from men, but the most significant relationships in my life involved me compromising, changing what I want, pleasing others, not being my authentic self, trying to hide parts of myself, and even being scared at times to shake the boat. In order to be loved, accepted, & approved. 

I was so scared to be myself & thought that I needed to bend into a pretzel to be loved. 

When I met Steven (I've done tons of inner work) & I did none of the above - NONE! 

I was just me: spiritual, human, imperfect, channeling spirit guides, work-in-progress, heart-centered, having emotions, smart, intelligent, loving, vulnerable, and also hurt & protective at times. 

He took me all. All of me! 

I mean - I also took all of me. I accepted so deeply of myself. And I let go of the NEED to be with someone for the sake of this external approval or external validation.

So WHY are you doing "bending into a pretzel in business (or in love)?"

Why do you lower your standards, play small, seek external approval from clients, and seek their acceptance? 

You will meet SOULMATE clients when you deeply accept yourself: your gifts, talents, value, worth, desires, and wholeness. 

Your clients can't complete you. You must complete yourself. You must be whole to begin with & not to need desperately. 

It changes the dynamics and energy of how you run your business: 

  • you stop overworking and start having fun
  • you act from your intuition & inner joy
  • you experience a sense of wholeness & worthiness that is internal rather than external (yes, of course, it's nice to get a "thank you" and "praise for your work" (I love that too). 
  • you give from the heart & there is no attachment
  • you are in your purpose but it doesn't feel heavy or self-sacrificing
  • you get reimbursed fairly but it doesn't define your worth
  • you start having amazing results because your motivation is intrinsic
  • showing up 100% but also expecting the other side to show up 100% so it's a win-win

I want to share with you one practice that has helped me & my clients tremendously: 


I shared this practice last week at the heart-centered business conference & would love to give you an opportunity to practice it as well. 

I wouldn't be able to RECEIVE my partner or some of my incredible clients, had I not opened to receive ME first. Creating a sacred relationship with YOU is the FOUNDATION. 

This practice is great if you want to open to receiving more in life - love, business, ideas, opportunities, and flourish! 

 It has: 

1. A sharing workshop

2. A practice to help you regulate your nervous system & open to receive

If you have questions after doing it - send me a message here!

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