Your Heart Is Your Strongest Business Asset

spirituality Sep 25, 2021

Gratitude & self-love – those two words describe qualities of a spiritual heart. What if you bring gratitude & self-love into your business/work? What changes can you expect? Allow me to paint a picture for you of what’s possible:  

You begin your day with gratitude & self-love. You take a moment to get out of the mental race and ask yourself this question,

  „Am I doing what I love?”  

-      If yes, let it strengthen your gratitude and self-love. Then, ask yourself the next question, „From the place of gratitude & self-love, What can I do today? Who can I be today in my work/business?” Let your intuitive heart bring the answer.  

-      If no, then have compassion for yourself, no self-judgment whatsoever. Then, ask yourself the next question, „From the place of gratitude & self-love, What one step can I take in the direction of bringing self-love into my business/work?”  

I looked up some statistics. Depending on the source and the poll agency, 

o   >60% of the population are unhappy with their work or 

o   85% of people hate their jobs 

It doesn’t matter what the actual number is, the bottom line is that unhappiness is prevalent. It’s a typical state of mind and being. Yet, your life purpose is to cultivate personal happiness, prioritize your personal joy, and direct your energy in a way that expands your well-being.  

I’m not going to tell you: change your job. It might be what you’ll decide to do eventually. But, instead, I will advise this:  

Begin changing your inner landscape of feelings, thoughts, attitudes, and external habits. Then, with time, see where this takes you – to keep your current job or create something different.  

 So how can you begin:  

o      You ask yourself, very honestly, if something that you do actually brings pleasure and joy to you. Because your joy is your priority. Nobody else (your spouse, boss, colleague) can give it to you. Your body knows joy. Your mind feels it. That is why only you can know if you’re happy or not. What makes you happy is unique to you.  

o      You take steps towards your dreams because nobody can do it for you. You might have the most supportive coach, mother, friend, community. But unless you decide that your happiness is important, they can’t do anything.   

o      Your work/business is for you to flourish and be yourself. It’s there to help you to be the happiest version of yourself. Rember that. Those feelings are your inspiration for taking daily steps in the direction of your dream work/business.  

This is what happens to work and business when you put your heart in the center of it. Just because the majority of the world is unhappy and stressed, it doesn’t need to be so for you. Just because something is normalized, it doesn’t mean that it’s how it’s supposed to be.   

You can begin a new trend, which is this:  Being a person who begins the morning with the practice of gratitude and self-love & takes steps in the direction of creating a life/work they want for their own happiness and well-being.   

With love,  


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