Generosity Frequency - in June

abundance business money May 22, 2024

Do you struggle with giving or receiving, or both? 

If you want to be successful in business or work, you have to do both. 

But how do you give without feeling

  • resentful
  • attached
  • that you need to control the outcome
  • that you are overgiving etc


And how do you receive and feel

  • good about it
  • worthy
  •  abundant
  • supported 


On June 5 - 7 at noon EST, I am running a 3-day MASTERCLASS on ABUNDANCE FREQUENCY. We will unpack your relationships with 

1) giving, 

2) receiving and

3) money! 

Without money, it's pretty much impossible to have a sustainable and flourishing business that supports you and helps you share your gifts with the world. 

I created this masterclass because I see many wonderful and talented humans feeling not fully supported in their business and work, and suffering in the process. I've also been there myself.

It's time to break the generational pattern of scarcity and not being supported! 

Registration + details are here




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