How I Learned to Channel Spirit

channel human journey lessons spirit spirituality Apr 19, 2022

Happy Tuesday, friend!

Today I want to share with you how I learned to channel Spirit. Thank you to one of my readers, who asked this very question ❤️

If you met me a decade ago,  channeling Spirit was the unlikeliest scenario for my life (like < .001%) 😊 

I was always interested in topics of wellness and happiness. But I also was very left-brained. I have a Ph.D. in applied statistics, MA in world history and law, a post-doc in health psychology, and on and on...

About 8 years ago, I was traveling to Brazil (a story I describe in more detail in my memoir - check it out if you haven't yet). There, I was at a healing center with a deeper understanding of the origin of disease. They practiced the MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT connection. People came from all over the world to treat all kinds of illnesses. 

I personally went out of curiosity. At the Center, I was asked many personal questions about my life: 

  • Am I happy? 
  • Do I like my work?
  • Do I have friends and a community?
  • Do I have a loving relationship? etc. 

At the time I didn't understand the connection between all those questions and my physical and mental health. Now I do:

EVERYTHING IN OUR LIVES IS INTERCONNECTED. RELATIONSHIPS, HEALTH, LEASURE, WORK, SEX, MONEY, NATURE, etc. When something is out of balance, it impacts you - in a negative way. 

I was inspired, after my visit, and wanted to learn more. I imagined that everywhere in the world, there will be healing places that help people become whole. Not by giving medication, but by changing all aspects of one's life. 

When I came back to the USA, I found a university that trains alternative healers. One of the first courses I took there was about how to channel spirit. 

To accept that I am a spiritual being on a human journey was very hard for me. I wasn't raised spiritually or religious. Quite the opposite: I found the most comfort in the sciences. It was both a challenge and a gift. 

The challenge was in untraining my mind to explain everything logically. The gift was in that I understood the limitations of the sciences. And the fact that modern technology is not capable to measure certain things (e.g., spirit). 

Every day, for 2-3 years, I practiced. I did meditations, writing, and was integrating the things I was learning into my life. It was hard. Some days, I would practice - for 4-5 hours a day. 

What kept me going was the fact that my life was improving. From an unhappy person I started feeling happier, freer, less concerned with what people think of me, less stressed, less worried, more on purpose, more authentic, and a better decision-maker. 

I've also learned that Channeling Spirit doesn't solve all the life problems, because the PURPOSE OF HUMAN LIFE IS TO LEARN AND GROW. And the only way to grow is through a challenge. 

Once I understood that - life became easier. Challenges were no longer about "something is wrong with me." Rather, it was about "this is what I am learning right now." 

For example, lately, I am learning about PERSEVERANCE and BEING PATIENT WITH MYSELF. I still struggle with those things and want things to happen sooner rather than later. When I understand the lesson, however, it becomes less personal, less dramatic, and way less suffering. 

Since learning how to channel, I've done sessions for hundreds of my clients. This is what I've learned: 

  • Spirit brings many insights. We might not see the lessons right away - because of our Ego or Resistance. But, in months or years, especially after you've mastered a particular skill, you can see clearly your progress. 
  • Spirit channeling is NOT the same as predicting the future. Because the future doesn't exist. You create it every moment of your day. If you don't change your habits or thoughts, the future will be the same as the present. When you do change, your future will be better.  
  • The more you evolve on a spiritual path, the more you take everything as a lesson. With this attitude, you do not walk around being a victim. Things do not just happen to you. Rather, you are the creator. Even in times when it's not easy. And, often, it's not easy. 
  • There is way more love in your life. Because you understand that we're all interconnected. And so you love not only people who are your immediate family, but you actually love people - PERIOD. Whether they deserve it or not. It's not a matter of worthiness. It's a matter of your inner state. 

That is a brief version of how I learned to channel Spirit. And what changes it brought into my life. I am eternally grateful to my teachers. 

With love, 


P.S. If you are interested in receiving a Spirit channeling session, I have a few spots open, send me a message here 

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